Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


3. I wonder why..

A\N If you really want to cry listen to Justin Bieber's 'that should be me acoustic'while reading this chapter thanks.

''Here.''Justin said tossing me my sheets and pillow dressings.''Thanks..''I said,not wanting to get lost in his eyes.''Look,I know your probably really said you can't go back to your house but-''

''Who said I wanted to go back to my house?"I interrupted.

''Well I just thought mabye you'd want to go back.."

''No.I don't want to go back.I never even wanted to be there.''

''Ok well that's good because I was just about to tell you,you may never be able to go back so you should get comfortable.''

''Ok.''He rubbed the back of his neck.Clearly not knowing what to say next.I waited for him to talk as I dressed my bed and pillows.''Um,just come down for dinner when your ready.''I looked up.''Oh I'm not hungry.''He looked upset.''Oh ok,If you change your mind,i'll be downstairs."He left the room,leaving me alone.I sat on the window seat,and put my legs up.I moved my hand on the window with the streaking rain drops.Was running away a mistake?Am I ruining someone else's life?Do I deserve to be here?I should have died when I had the chance.Running out of my room I ran through the front door and away from the house.Tears streaming down my face I hid in the drenched park.Sliding down the wall I covered my face.''Elenor!"Justin ran to me and wrapped me in a hug.''Never scare me like that again!"He said holding me tightly against his chest as I cried.''I'm so sorry!I'M SO SORRY!"I cried holding onto his back.He sat down with me,never letting go.

After a while he lifted me back up and put his arm on my shoulder and walked me to his car.''We need to talk when we get home.''He said starting the engine.I nodded.When we got home I walked to my room.I sat down on my bed,he sat down next to me.''So why do you have a foster father?"He asked.I cleared my throat holding back my tears.''When I was little my parents didn't have enough money to raise me.They cared so much about me that they decided to give me and my baby brother up an adoption service.Kevin came in and bought me but he didn't want my brother he just wanted me so he gave my brother back to my parents.I told Kevin I wasn't leaving without my brother and he didn't want that so,''I paused trying not to freak out.Justin nodded obviously understanding,still I didn't feel that he knew how serious this was for me.I had never told anyone this story,''To keep me from running back to them,he killed them while they were sleeping.And my-my little brother..''I started to cry.Justin hugged me.''You don't understand!He was-he was only 3 years old!It should of been me!He-he didn't deserve this.None of them did.''I looked in his eyes,which were teary by now,"But I do.I was never as nice as I should have been.I always thought they would be around forever,but-i was wrong..''I got up and walked out of the room.



THIS WAS SOOOOOOOOOO SAD TO WRITE!I CRIED WRITING IT!I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have.If you really want to cry while reading this listen to the song i suggested.Thank bye!


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