Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


5. He will never..


CONGRATS TO Immy13 for becoming Justin's best friend!But don't worry because there are still some spots open remember to put it in the comments!And guess what this story is on 10 people's favorites list and 4 likes!Okay sorry for wasting like 32 seconds of your life please read on!

I went to the hospital to check on Justin.His pretty face splattered with blood has played back in my head about a million times.''HI.''The ecstatic man at the counter said waving.''Um,hi.I'm here to see Justin...in room 4B..''

''Ah yes,''He said checking his computer,''Here he is,but,he isn't accepting visitors.''My eyes be came foggy and I couldn't see.''Please.I need to see him.''I said sternly.I slammed my hands on the counter.''I'll see what can do."He left his desk and went to talk to the nurses who were currently drinking coffee and laughing.He pointed to me and they smiled.One of the nurses saw me crying and hurried over.''Ok honey,look,Justin is only excepting one guest at a time.Sorr-''I held up my hand.''Wait a minute-who's in there with him?"She checked her clipboard with the schedules.''Um,someone named..Immy?"Immy?Who in the .... is Immy?''Um,thanks..Where is the bathroom?"I know this is against so me law but,I need to see him.''On your left.''She pointed down the hall.I thanked her and ran down the hall to his room.Slamming open the door I saw Justin and some girl hovering over him.''Elenor!"He said happily as he saw me at the entrance.''Justin,are you okay?"


''I just wanted to make sure..''I nervously rubbed my shoulder.''Oh,Elle,this is Immy.''He said lifting up his wrapped hand.''Hi.''I said smiling and holding my hand out for here to shake,trying my hardest not to lash out on her.Why am I getting so Jealous?She waved her fingers at me,clearly ignoring my friendly gesture.''I have to go Justin,Bye.''She glared at me and walked out,slightly shoving me.I calmed myself and sat on Justin's bed,''Who's she?"I asked,clearly trying too hard to sound sweet.''Oh,her?She's just an old friend back from Canada.''I nodded and looked at the floor.''Who did this to you?"I asked,randomly changing subjects.''What?"He asked,propping himself up to look at me.''Who almost killed you?"He stared at me,blank faced as he was when I yelled at him.''Tell me,what happened.''

''Fine,I was walking down the street thinking about how mad you looked at me and how much I couldn't stand that.As I was walking and sulking,''I giggled,''A man walked up behind me and turned me around and told me to stay away from you.''



                   Justin's POV

''And what if I don't?"I said smartly.''Oh you won't want to know.''

''Right old man.Just leave me alone,I don't know you,you don't know me.''I walked away from him leaving him in my dust.''YOU THINK YOUR SOO FUNNY DON'T YOU?!"I stopped and turned around.''Actually I think I'm quite funny,yes.''

''Well you won't be you piece of crap!"He pulled out a knife and stabbed me in the stomach.''HOW FUNNY ARE YOU NOW YOU Fer!"He kicked me in the ribs and spat on my side as I bleed out on the sidewalk.''Now stay away from my daughter,I heard you had her and I'm here to tell you that the little plan you had is not gonna fly with me.''

''Wh-what plan?"I said gathering what little strength I had left.''You were gonna sweep her off her feet,get hitched and get her away from me!,''I interuppted him,''That does sound qu-quite right.''

''SHUT UP I'M NOT DONE!You are not getting away with this I will kill you before you take her from me!"


''You are not going to take her you little s.....!"With that he left me behind with a pile of blood.

*End of Flashback*

''He drove off in his truck and left me to die.''

''Oh my god...''I could not believe what I just heard.




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