Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


7. Clubbing

I didn't want to be too formal so I just slipped on a strapless sequenced dress with a pretty faded rinstone belt to keep it from falling.I got dressed with Sidney who was wearing a red dress with a built in scrunchy on the waist hold it upright.She looked fabulous!We walked down stairs to Justin and Sidney's date,Tristen.She was going to go with Ryan,Justin's bff,but he had plans to see his mother at the hospital.So she figured that Tristen was the next thing to perfect,though he was far from it.''You look smokin'!"Shouted Tristen from the bottom of the stairs.''Thanks.''Sidney said,obviously not amused nor flattered by his comment.''You look great.''Justin said grabbing my hand and taking me to the car.''Oh,yeah,you get great and I get smokin',JUST GREAT!"Sidney shouted jealously.''You look great too,Sidney.''He said complimenting her in the car to make her feel better.''Thanks Justin..''She said greatfully to Justin,then she turned her head and glared at Tristen.''What?"He said stupidly.She groaned,rolled her eyes,and faced me instead.Me,Sidney,and Tristen were in the back while Justin sat in front with the chauffer.''Off we go!"Justin said pointed forward.We all laughed.


While we were entering,the music blared.People were everywhere,making out,dancing,just having the time of their lives.I pulled Justin on the dance floor while Sidney pulled Tristen to the bar.Me and Justin danced to Applause,and Gaspedal.And a couple of his songs came on too.I looked over at Sidney who had empty shot glasses all over the bar table near her.Tristen ordered her a couple more as she gulped down 4 that were already in front of her.After she drank all that he ordered her,she pulled him on the dancefloor.''Babe you okay?"Justin asked,noticing my focus elsewhere.''Yea.''I said wrapping his arms around my waist and swaying to the beat of the song.He smiled at me not noticing my focus be on them.She was grinding on him as he grabbed her butt cheek.THIS WAS GOING TOO FAR!!I told Justin I was getting a margarita.He told me to be careful then walked away.I ran throught the crowd toward them.''WHAT ARE YOU DOING?STOP THAT!"I said,whisper-shouting.''YOU-ARE-YOU ARE N-NOT THE BOSS OF ME!"She said,clearly drunk.''Please!"I said pulling her arm.''He's taking advantage of you!''I said pulling her harder.She snatched her arm away and yelled.''No he's not!"Then she grabbed her face and slammed it against his.



WOAH!CRAY CRAY CHAPTER!The next chapter will still be at the club but it will be more drama!AND NO IT WON'T BE WHERE JUSTIN CHEATS LIKE IT IS IN EVERY OTHER FANFIC!JUST BE READY...


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