Elenor Westchester is the nicest girl you could ever meet.But she has a secret...shes abused by her foster father and is all alone.


8. Clubbing pt.2

After a while I lost Sidney and Tristen and I was starting to freak.I ran back to Justin and told him what happened and he agreed to help me look.We looked until 2am.''What will we do if shes hurt?!"He engolfed me in a hug and rubbed my back.''Don't think like that,i'm sure she's fine.But Tristen won't be when I find him.''I laughed and looked up in his eyes.''Come on,they'll show,but we just need to calm down.''I nodded.''I'll go get you some water.''He walked away leaving me there to think.I was then pushed onto the ground by a dancing couple.''Oh sorry..''A women's voice said.''It's fine.''I said getting up.And guess who it was.''Selena?"She noticed me and looked up.''And you are?"She asked sweetly.''Oh,sorry you don't know me.My name is Elenor.''She shook my hand.''Are you a fan?"She asked me.''Not quite.I just have been wanting to meet you because I'm dating Justin and just wanted to meet everyone who's close to him,so..''She smiled and nodded.''Yea.He's my ex.''

''That's cool.Have you seen my friend,Sidney?"She shook her head.''No but listen,here's my number if you ever want some advice on Justin.''She smiled and grabbed a sharpie off the table next to us.She wrote her number and walked off with the guy she was dancing with.I looked at my hand and read the number.

                                    'Here's my #


                                                                     Selena'   (Not real,I don't think it is at least...just don't call it)

Justin walked up to me and handed me a bottle of water.''Here.''He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arm around me.I put my hands on his cheeks and brushed his face.Which was a bad idea because he saw the writing on my hands.''What's this?"He said holding my hand up to the light that was gleaming through the windows.I snatched my hand from him and rubbed my hands together to smudge the marker.''Nothing..can we just go?''

''Are you okay?"He asked sadly.I nodded and walked toward the car.


Justin kept staring all the way home.I tried to ignore hims though.I stared out the window and looked at the concrete shining in the dim light.''Wait.Pull over.''I said noticing a big pile of Sidney's clothes on the side of the road.I jumped out and ran over to the pile of clothes.Then I saw a hand.A foot.A head.I touched her face,tears welling up in my eyes.''Justin hurry!"I said to Justin who decided to stay back in the car.He ran up behind me and studied Sidney.''Okay,what in the h*** happened here!"He said.''I don't know!"I cried out.My tears pelted her face.Justin called the police and we sat there trying to wake her.



 I KNOW THIS SUCKS AND THAT YOUR PROBABLY REALLY MAD AT ME AND NOW HATE ME AND THIS STORY!BUT I'M SORRY!I went to las vegas for a couple of days and skipped school monday and now I have to finsh all of this homework but I'm back so yea!

I have a question though,leave your answers in the comments.


What is your favorite song from JOURNALS?



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