The Embarrassment

Lily, Nina, Niall and Harry are all best friends. But one day something happens. Lily and Nina hate each other and it's Harry and Niall's job to fix that.


1. Going to school

Lily's P.O.V.

I woke up from my alarm being so anoyying. I hit it four times and then it stopped. I got out of bed and grabbed my towel and looked at the time. It was 7:45. I screamed. That's not enough time! I quickly ran to the bathroom and started the shower. I jumped out of my clothes and hoped in the shower.

I ran out of the shower and went to my closet. This is what i was wearing:

I put it on and called Nina (N=Nina, L=Lily)

N= Hello

L= Hey are you going to be at school?


L=Okay see you there

N=Okay see you at school

L=K, bye


I hung up and downstairs to the my car and started to drove to school. I pulled up at school and got out. I was at my locker then someone scared me. 

"AAAHHH", i screamed and droped my stuff

Everyone stopped and looked at me.

"It's just me. There's nothing here to see", she said waving her hand.

I picked up my books and we started to walk to class. I was in the same class with Niall, Harry, and Nina. While we were in the middle of lesson and Harry threw something at the back of my head. I was a paper airplane and it said: Hi!, From Niall and Harry. 

Then i looked at them and rolled my eyes. I looked at Nina and she was focus really hard becuase she was 2 rows away from me. I looked at her and she saw me. She smiled and i smiled back.

She looked at her phone nad texted me.

N= I am so excited to get out of school!

L= Me too, i won't to get out already

N= I know after this do you want to go get a smoothie?

L= YEAH! it's better than going home

N=Okay talk to you after class

I payed attention finally and school was out. "I'm glad that's over", i said walking to my locker

"Yeah", Niall said coming beside me to his locker.

"Oh Niall. Do you want to come with me and Nina to go get a smoothie?", i asked facing towards him

"Yeah! Could Harry come?", he asked turning back to his locker.

"Yeah", i said as we walked outside.

"So what car are we taking?", he asked walking to my car.

"We can all go in my car or we can go sepret", i said looking at Nina

She shrugged her shoulders.

"I doesn't matter to me", she said looking at me,

"Okay we can all go in my car if you want", i said walking to my door.

They all nodded but Nina quickly locked her car doors and we drove off to all our favorite smoothie place.


Hey! I hope you like this chapter and my two other awesome co-authors will also write some chapters. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story:) Thank you Junebugs!!!! I hope this chapter is good. Sorry if it is horrible. 


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