When bad meets bad

Zoella Ann Coleman was the typical good girl who had straight A's and honor roll, well used too
Then one day she starts hanging out with the new kid, he was not her kind of friend she normally hangs with. What happens when punk Niall Horan gets in her life ? Find out in When Bad Meets Bad.


3. Whatttt!

First period

As I walked into first period I gave my new teacher Mr. Sung my new student pass.

Good Morning class today we have a new student Zoella please be nice to her Mr. Sung said.

I went to sit down to sit down in a seat in the middle, then suddenly I hear people whispering things like... she did not just sit down in Caitlyn's seat or she better get her emo ass up before Caitlyn comes. I just ignored them, suddenly the late bell rang and nobody came and comfronted me. Then a girl who looked really slutty came walking in.

Caitlyn your late Mr. Sung said

Oh really I did not no the girl im guessing is Caitlyn said.

Caitlyn turned around and had a fierce look in her eyes if I could kill I would be dead right now.

Umm get out of my seat Caitlyn said.


Exuse you this is MY seat

O really I don't see your name on it, after I said that I heard ohhh's and boy did Caitlyn look mad.

Oh I see your new here so you don't know the rules Caitlyn said.

I looked really confused for 2 things 1 is the fact that the teacher isn't seeing this and 2 is the fact that I ME I have rules HAHAHA I laugh.

Okay I rule the school I rule students Cause I am the student council president and better than all of you so your in my seat and I command you to get up you ugly ass bitch!

O that's it I got up and yelled straight in her face.

Whatttt First of all you COMMAND me to do nothing!

Second of all YOU rule nobody expessially not me!

& third of all your the one with the fake ass hair walks around fucking everyone on the football team and dresses like a slutty Barbie doll ! so guess what bitch im not moving so you can stand there if you want but im not getting my ass up ! .

Then emediatlly I sat down opened up my journal and started righting notes.

I turned around just to se Caitlyn siting 2 rows behind me * sigh* thank god.

( Hey guys umm I don't have any comments and I see people like my story I wll update as soon as possible and get straight to the 1d part sorry if its bad but im new so... o and I need new characters to be the rest of 1d's girlfriends plz comment what yu look like and name pz thnx yall



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