When bad meets bad

Zoella Ann Coleman was the typical good girl who had straight A's and honor roll, well used too
Then one day she starts hanging out with the new kid, he was not her kind of friend she normally hangs with. What happens when punk Niall Horan gets in her life ? Find out in When Bad Meets Bad.


2. Ugh new school

Zoellas P.O.V.

As i woke up to the sound of my stupid alarm clock I decided on what i was gonna where on my first day of a new high school a new life and a new everything. '' I moved here from London because my mom got a new job in ireland so here i am. I decided on a black t-shirt that says crazy mofos in bold white letters, i had on some black ripped skinny jeans and some black and white combat boots. On makeup i put on some black eyeliner and some light pink lipstick, in hair i left my hair down naturally curly. I told my mom bye, my parents are divorced so i just got a glazed donut and left. http://www.polyvore.com/when_bad_meets_bad/set?id=114714949

10 mins later

As i was riding on my skateboard i was being aproched by a dude in a black convertable i have the some car but red. I wasnt scared at all because this happens all the time and i know how to fight.

He stopped his car and rolled down his window, Hey girl! he yelled, what i snapped back. Nice ass you got there. I imediatlly stoped skateboarding and yelled back.... GO F*ck yourself! then i got back on my skateboard laughing to myself at the dudea facial expression which was really funny.

At School

As i walked into school all eyes were on me , i ignored them . I got to my locker and opened it up, i got out my class guide and started to find first period history ughhh. I was closing my locker and about to walk away when somebody grabbed my waist and pulled me back. I was surprised to be face to face with the stupid guy who appraoched me while skateboarding. What do you want you little prick. I want you to ride this d write here he said. HAHA what all i see is a little small looking candy cane as i said that he was so shocked so i just turned around and walked away into first period.


Sorry this is my first fanfiction of all time so it might suck but plz read it :)

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