When bad meets bad

Zoella Ann Coleman was the typical good girl who had straight A's and honor roll, well used too
Then one day she starts hanging out with the new kid, he was not her kind of friend she normally hangs with. What happens when punk Niall Horan gets in her life ? Find out in When Bad Meets Bad.


10. Partty

Okay hey guys sorry I had to put my outfit in the link because I dont know how to add it soo




As I got home from school I got a phone call from an unknown number.

Hello I said

Yes is this Zoella Coleman

Yes & who might I ask is this.

This is the hospital your parents died in a car crash at 11:46 today.

My phone fell to the ground before she could say anymore.

I cried and cried until my door bell rang.

Yes i sniffled 

Zo my bestfriend Hailey said

I opened the door and let her in.

Oh poor baby whats wrong.

M-my m-m-mom an-and da-d d-d-d-died 

I said with full fresh tears streaming down my face.

Hail engulfed me in a big Hail hug and rubbed my back

Zoe Im taking you to Jakes party to get this off yout mind

I didnt even hesitate just nodded.

Thanks Hail.

We walked into my room and Picked out an outfit.

A light blue cropped top, Light blue slighty washed high waisted shorts, A white sweather that said haters on it, (She dyed her hair tips purple just sayen.) She curled her hair and made it wavey,

Some black floral vans, a teal rose neclace followed by purple rose studded earrings a black batman neclace, ALOT of bangles, black nerd glasses, light and dark blue nails, Light pink lipgloss with some eos chapstick, Light blue eyeshadow & Balck mascara,with my ocean bangle my dad got me for my 16 birthday. (btw her fave color is light blue lol k). O and my belly ring.

When we finished we looked HOT Hail had on the same thing but Black soo.


As we got to the party and out the car I could smell the beer and stuff.

As I walked in Hail left me ( wat a friend JK)

Then I heard Zayn say Zoella were playing truth or dare!

Yea Im not playing I yelled back.

He smirked ran over to me and threw me over his shoulder.



He let me down in the middle of the circle where the game was starting.

I glared at him

In the circle I saw ill Caitlyn and her posy Hailey Niall Harry Zayn louis (Who I like right now) & Liam.


Oh and its strip addition.

I sighed.

Do you have a problem with that Niall said.

I glared at him And said no not at all.

Twat I said under my breathe causing Hail to laugh.

And Niall to send me a death glare witch I smerked at.

Okay ummm Caitlyn louis said.

Who is the sexiest person in here.

Hmm me duh.

I burst out laughing .


She glared at me I looked at louis who was smiling at me 

I blushed and looked down.

Cailtyn gooooo. Hail said

Caitlyn saw me look at louis so she decided to say...

Truth or Dare

Dare duhh

ok I dare you to kiss louis for 2 minutes... WITH tung

Hail Gasped knowing I had a bf

Niall looked pissed

Everyone else was smirking.

I said

Set the timer

ok Harry said.

I got up went to sit on his lap leaned in and kissed he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance wich I granted then we heard the timer.

I got off and went to sit down I saw him looking shoked I smirked.

I saw Niall get up and go into the kitchen.

When I then heard loud bang making me jump

I turned and coudnt believe my eyes.

Who was she looking at maybe chad?idk sorry umm the gf will be in the next chapter sorry again

Like it up


What was the bang?

Will Zoella and louis date?

Hope you liked it ;)

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