When bad meets bad

Zoella Ann Coleman was the typical good girl who had straight A's and honor roll, well used too
Then one day she starts hanging out with the new kid, he was not her kind of friend she normally hangs with. What happens when punk Niall Horan gets in her life ? Find out in When Bad Meets Bad.


14. Depressed and helpful

In the morning when I woke up Hailey and I did are biz and got to school.

I was wearing a really slutty outfit so I was getting named called but I really didnt give a flying fuck so...


We were walking down the halls but then I heard that one comment that broke me tore me chewed me up and spit me out..

Your so stupid and slutty do us a favour and kill yourself your mom only died because she wanted to get away from you your family probaly all killed themselves because of you your a worthlis bitch go die. Once the guy said that I ran and ran to our house got a rope and went to the woods were a tree was I tied the rope ready to do this but then I heard footsteps and yelling I  knew I needed to hurry up I got my secret song book out and then I heared niall say I love you I hesitated before i jumped.


Than everything went black.



Sorry such a shitty chapter but.. IM LAZY BITCHES..

If you dont like me not putting these ''//..;; then plz dont read my book 

well to all my fans I love wyooouuu



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