Who Do I Love? (Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff)


8. Chapter 8

I walk off stage and am attacked by 6 arms around me. "You did amazing!" "You were awesome!" "You're hot when you sing." We all look at Taylor. "What? She is!" I roll my eyes and everyone hugs me. I smile. "I think we should celebrate!" "What do you have in mind Jack?" "We should have a party!!" "No! No parties!" Everyone gives me the puppy dog eyes. I groan. "Fine!" They cheer. "But you have to clean it all up!" They nod. I smile and theu leave to gey readyfor the party.

~4 hours later~

I walk into our room. I felt really left out at the party. I start to walk to the bathroom when I see a shirtless Taylor making out with some girl with loads of makeup and a tiny dress. I cover my mouth with my hand. I hear hik whisper, "I love you Bree." I ket out a sob and they both turn around. Taylor's eyes widen. "Lal-" "Save it Taylor! I told you my darkest secret! You said you loved me!" I run out of the room sobbing. I run into the other boys room because I knew they were at the party. Wow, they should really lock their door. I close the door and slide my back down it, sobbing. "Laleigh?" Shoot, someone was here! I see a concerned looking Nash and Jack G. Nash sits next to me and pulls me into his chest. I fist his shirt and sob. He rubs my back and whispers things in my ear. I calm down a little. "What happened, Laleigh?" "T-taylor! He said he loved me and then I walk in on him and some girl making out! I told him my secret!!" I sob and he tenses."Laleigh, he doesn't deserve you. He will never treat like a real man would. Like I would. Laleigh, will you be my girlfriend?" I smile and nod. "Yes, Nash, I will." He leans in and kiss lips touch mine. He made everything seem alright.

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