Who Do I Love? (Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff)


7. chapter 7

I was nervous about the concert. I was sitting on the counter in the bathroom. I kept straightening my hair over and over again. Something I do when I'm nervous.

I hear a knock on the bathroom door. "Come in!" I shout. Nash walks in and closes the door again. "Hey." I say.

"H-hey. I need to talk to you."

"Umm sure... About what?"

"About what you said at dinner last night. I know you said you like someone which is probably not me but, I like you. I think I might love. I know I have only known you for like what? Two days? But I don't care I like you! So I hope you don't mind that I do this." Before I can ask what he is going to do. He plants his lips on mine. I respond almost immediately. It quickly ends it and he says "we leave in fifteen minutes" he smirks and then leaves the room. Which leaves me quickly confused. I walk out of the bathroom and grab my guitar.

"I'm going early, do you y'all wanna come?"I ask the boys and the nod their heads furiously. "Leeggoo!" We walk down to the elevator. I push the button and we wait for the elevator to come and get us. When the door opens we see three girls our age and one Hayes' age. They all start screaming and jumping up and down.

We walk in and the door closes.

"OMG! You're the boys of Magcon!" The girl with dark hair on top and blond underneath says. "I'm Jade!"

"I'm Lauren!" The one with dirty blond hair says.

"And I'm Sammy." The one who was strawberry blond says.

"Umm.. I think you're forgetting someone! I'm Madi!" The one who is Hayes' age says. She kind of resembles Sammy. I guess there sisters.

They start to talk to the boys, leaving me aside. They gave the boys their numbers and the boys gave them their numbers. I should have Taylor and Nash would have found someone prettier. I'm not even sure who I like more though. They are messing with my feelings and I don't like it at all. We got off the elevator and I basically ran to the meeting hall. Shawn was already there.

"Hey Shawn." He looks up from his guitar.

"Hey what's wrong?"

"Nothing." I said.

"I know you're lying. Tell me what's wrong."

"Nash and Taylor both told me they loved me, and I love them also. But just then they were flirting with girls ten times prettier than me." I say blinking back the tears.

"I'm sure they were only trying to be nice to the fans." He says trying to calm me down.

"I guess you're right." Just then Nash, Taylor, Cameron, and Hayes came in the room. Hayes looked starstruck while the others looked kinda annoyed.

"Those girls were so annoying! Why did we give them our phone numbers?" Taylor says.

"I think Madi was beautiful!" Hayes defends the young thirteen year old.

"She was the only one who wasn't annoying." Nash says.

"They didn't even make eye contact with Laliegh. It was like she wasn't even there to them. That's what made me so mad!" Cameron starts defending me.

"Guys it's alright! Just please help me get ready." I say trying to get away from the topic.

And hour later, we were about to go on. I was super nervous! I have never performed in front of a crowd this big. The announcer calls me and Shawn on. We walk out holding both our guitars in hand. The plan is for him to sing three songs, me sing three, and them we sing three together. His songs are Marry Me by Jason Derulo, Cruise by Florida Georgia Line, and Wanted by Hunter Hayes. My songs are Skinny Love by Birdy, Nightingale by Demi Lovato, and Story of my Life by One Direction. The songs we are singing together are Say Something by the Great Big World and Christina Aguilara, Stay by Rhianna and Mikky Eko, and Popular Song by Mika and Ariana Grande.

I was in the middle of singing Skinny Love when I look in the crowd and see Nash and Taylor. They are both looking at me adoringly. I smile at them and look back at my guitar. Why does love have to be so confusing?

"Who will love you?

Who will fight?

And who will fall far behind?" I sing the bridge which is my favorite part of the song. "C'mon skinny lo-ove. My my my my my my my m-my my-y" I finish the songs and every stands up and claps. This is why I love what I do!

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