Who Do I Love? (Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff)


5. chapter 5

All of us were sitting at the restaurant that I forgot the name of. Taylor on one side of me, Cameron and the other and Nash in front of me. Today was amazing. I found the girl from the meet and greet and gave her my number and she gave me hers. I also found out her name was Belle which I found absolutely adorable.

Our waiter comes up to our table to take our drink orders. He is around our age and is pretty hot. I see him smirking at me.

"What would you like to drink babe?" He says winking at me.

"A coke, please." I smile back to him.

"And the rest of you?" He says to the other magcon boys. They give him their drinks orders and he sends a wink my way before walking of again.

"Oh Laliegh! I think someone likes you!" Matt smirks at me. Then burst out laughing. I don't understand that kid sometimes. But I still blush. And out of the corner of my eye I see Cameron and Taylor look jealous? I look at Nash and so does he. What is with these boys? The waiter comes back with our drinks and after he gets done distributing them and taking our meal orders he hands me a napkin. I look at it and it has his number. I look up at him and smile. He walks away smirking.

"Are you seriously considering calling that douchewad?" Taylor asks.

"Maybe" I smirk. "But I think I already have my eye on someone else." I say. He looks absolutely heartbroken.

"Who do you like?" Shawn asks.

"I'm not saying."

"Guys let's be serious, we all know it's me!" Jack J. says confidently.

"Nope! But I'm not telling you anyways. So.. Next topic!"

We arrived back at the hotel an hour after that conversation. I walk to the bathroom and throw on some gray yoga pants, an over sized purple sweater on and my short tan UGGs. I walk of the bathroom bent over trying to collect my hair to our it in a messy bun.

"I'm going for a walk" I announce. I grab my guitar and start heading for the door.

And right as I'm about to step out the door Taylor says "Can I come with" with a simple nod of my head we start walking down the hallway. "Where we going?"

"The roof." I simply say.

"Why the roof?"

"Where your sense of wonder Caniff?"


We walk to the elevator and go to the roof. Once we get up there Taylor starts off by saying "I want to talk about what happened last night?"

I nod and gulp. "What happened in the dream?" He asks.

"I was running in the woods and he said he would find me. And then I found you guys. But so did he. He wanted to torture me! I just know it! So he shot you. You were the first to die, which you died in my arms and the last words you said were 'I love you'. I know that you don't really though. But it felt so... So real. It's hard to explain." I finish off my long explanation. I thought he would laugh at me. Tell me I was stupid. But instead he did something totally unexpected. He kissed me. It was a soft and delicate kiss. It was short and sweet. He broke away first.

Then he whispered "I love you."

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