Who Do I Love? (Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff)


3. Chapter 3

We were greeted by screaming fans as we exited the airport. We took some selfies with a couple of them, but Bart rushed us to the limo.

"So how are we rooming?" I ask.

"Umm... Me, Matt, Jack and Jack, Shawn, and Jc in a room and then You, Nash, Taylor, Cam, and Hayes in a room." Carter says.

"Mkay that's fine with me."

We arrive at the hotel twenty minutes later and since it was 11:00 P.M. we just decided to hit the hay.

We ride in the elevator in silence. When we get to our room, I insert the key into the slot and push the door open. I run and jump on one of the beds. My face in the pillow. I just start screaming because I can into the pillow. I roll over and and sit proped up on my elbows. I see them all looking at me with amused expressions.

"I'm tiiiirrrrreeeddd!!!" I exaggerate.

"Then go to sleep!" Taylor smirks.

"How are we sleeping though? We only have two beds, but have five bodies that need to fit on them."

"Hayes can sleep on the floor." Nash volunteers his little brother.

"Yea... Wait no!" Hayes says.

"Too late you already agreed." I smirk. "But who am I sharing a bed with?"

"Me?" Cameron, Taylor, and Nash say in unison.

"Umm four people in one bed sounds uncomfortable." I tell them. "But I'll choose...... I choose......" Pausing giving them suspense. "Umm Taylor."He jumps in the air and fist pumps. "Don't hold back your excitement Taylor." I smirk and walk to my luggage. I grab some black soffee shorts, a hot pink sports bra, and some fuzzy socks. I walk to the bathroom and change. When I get done I put my hair in a messy bun and brush my teeth. You probably think I'm a slut for wearing this in front of hormonal teenage boys, but I sleep in this every night and no one will change that! I walk out and all the boy's jaws drop. Their eyes scan my body and I suddenly feel insecure. I run and jump in bed and pull the covers over me. Taylor soon joins me in bed and I notice the he is only wearing boxers. I start blushing just at the thought.

"Goodnight babe!" Taylor whispers in my ear and pulls me into spooning position. He kisses my temple and I am fast asleep.


I was running. I wanted to get away from him. I found myself in the woods. I hear his evil chants. Why must this happen to me. I suddenly come face to face with Taylor, Cameron, and Nash. I turn around an see him holding a gun.

"Did you really think you could run away from me? I will find you, you little whore. And I might even kill your little friends also he says pointing to the boys.

"Please no!"I cry out. He pulls a gun out of his back pocket. "Please stop! Kill me instead! Don't hurt them!" I sob. The boys have a mixture of shock and horror written across his face. He shoots the boys and I cry out and run to them.

Out of no where Taylor says "I love you." And then he dies. I run and hold his frail body in my arms. Then Cameron says the same thing as Taylor and I run to hold him. His body falls limp in my arms and I sob into his shoulder. Nash is the last and he tells me he loves me also. I hold him until HE starts shaking me and screaming for me to wake up. I wake up and see Taylor looking over me worriedly. I immediately hug him it takes him a minute to respond but he hugs me back also. I look around the room and see Nash and Cameron looking at me also. I jump out of bed and jump into theirs squeezing their necks for dear life. "I'm so glad you're alive." I whisper to no one specifically. I look at the ground and see Hayes dead asleep. I run back to my bed and cuddle into Taylor's body.

"Laliegh, why were screaming?" Taylor asks.

"I had a nightmare" I say.

"About what?" Nash says.

"He found me and then he killed you guys and it was just awful.

"Who found you?" Cameron asks.

"My father."

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