Who Do I Love? (Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff)


2. Chapter 2

We were half way through the plane ride. I was sitting next to Taylor and Nash, Cameron on the other side of Nash. I think Taylor and Nash intentionally sat by me, because they were fighting over the window seat and who got to sit by me.

I was listening to music, blocking out the world around me. It wasn't until Taylor snapped his fingers that I noticed he was talking to me.

"What? Sorry I didn't hear you." I say kind of shyly.

"I said let's play twenty questions to get to know each other." He says readjusting his bandana.

"Sure!" I say still shyly.

"Me first! Why are you acting shy? You're usually energetic in your vines."

"I'm actually a very, very shy person.... At first. Are you close with the other boys of Magcon?"

"Oh definitely! They are like my brothers!" He smiles at me. I smile back. "Best friends?"

"Mack, Shelby, Luke, and Jackson." To be honest they are really my only friends. I know pathetic. We played the game for the rest of the time and some how Nash and Cameron got involved in the game. I learned a lot about them.

Which I'm glad. They said that they were my new best friends which I just laughed at. I also learned that Cameron and Taylor would rather be shirtless than wear shirts. Which I am totally okay with. We were all just talking when the flight attendant came and told is to put on our seat belts. She scowled at me, but smiled at the boys.

"Bitch" I mutter under my breath hoping no one heard but Nash and Taylor did. They burst out laughing while Cameron looked confused.

"What just happened?" He asked all confused.

"That was classic!" Nash said clapping his hands like a retard.

"What was classic?" Cameron asked again.

"I can't believe you just said that!" Taylor agrees.

"What the hell are you talking about?!?" Cameron shouts.

"Sir please no yelling and no swearing." The same flight attendant says putting a hand on Cameron's shoulder. Batting her totally fake eyelashes at him. She hands a piece of paper to him. "Call me." She says and stalks away.

"Slut." I mutter under my breath.

Taylor and Nash laugh again and Cameron looks confused once again.

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