Who Do I Love? (Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff)


1. chapter 1


"Hurry up Laliegh!" I zip up my bag and bring them downstairs. "I can't drive you to the airport, I need to go to work. Nash and his mom will come pick you up." I nod. "Okay mom, bye. I love you." "Goodbye Laliegh." And with that my mother leaves. I sigh. I was used to this. I'm an only child with a workaholic mom and a dad who doesn't care about me and beats me. I sit on the couch and look through my Twitter feed. I post, 'On the way to Magcon!' I hear a knock at the door and I get up. I awnser the door and see Nash and his beautiful blue eyes. He smiles. "You must be Laliegh?" I nod and grab my bags. I walk outside and put them in the back of his mom's car. Yes, I was crazy and energetic on my Vines but I am actually a very shy and quiet person. I get in the back while he takes the passenger seat. "Is your mom home sweetie?" His mom looks back at me. "No ma'am. She went to work." I sigh. I put my earbuds in and listen to music while watching the rain roll down the windows. I lay my head on the window and fall asleep.


"Laliegh. Wake up!" I wake to someone shaking me. I open one eye and see Nash. I open both eyes and get out of the car. I get my bags and walk into the airport. I see the other Magcon boys. I smile and make my way over to them. Taylor sees me and smiles. He walks over and grabs one of my bags. I smile. "Thanks." We get on the plane and fly to our first destination.

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