Being a Rebel has consequences.

Roxanne ( roxy) Tomlinson was a goody two shoes she hung out with the good kids and had good grades. Her brother Louis was her best friend, but that changed when Louis left for the X factor. She felt lost she died her natural light brown hair to a bleach blonde with baby blue tips, she pierced her belly button , and made NEW friends. Her new best friend is named Jadelyn ( Jade) Horan. Jade's parents and her get in a fight and send her to live with her brother and his four band mates one of the band mates is Jadelyns brother ( Niall), when Jades parents send her to how will these girls survive?


8. The next morning

Jadelyn's p.o.v

I woke up and looked at my belly it was fairly big. I can't believe in six months we're having a baby girl named Skylah Marie Styles. I hope she has Harry's eyes or hair. Her nursery is finished we're just waiting for her arrival. I'm so excited, I crawled out of bed and changed into my yoga pants, and a tank top, plus my Adidas. I tied my hair in a pony then walked downstairs and Harry was kissing another girl and it was his ex Delilah. A tear rolled down my cheek guess I wasn't good enough. I got into my car and drove as fast as I could away from there. My sight was blurry and then it happened. A truck crashed into my car. I felt a strong pain in my stomach. I felt blood oh my god what about my baby. 


Liam's p.o.v

We all rushed to the hospital after hearing about Jadelyn. I talked to the doctor and he said that the baby did make it and that Jade was in a coma. Harry is a mess he has been by her side every single day. Louis brings him clothes and food but he isn't eating much. I can't blame him he lost his  girlfriend cuz he cheated. His life is screwed up and you know what i'm not helping him win her back cause he'll hurt her again.

Jadelyn's p.o.v

I woke up and I was fore surely in the hospital I looked at my stomach and my belly was gone. my voice was nearly over a whisper my baby. The nurse walked in . Hello miss.Horan I'm afraid you have a broken foot and a few broken ribs and you just woke up from a six day coma. also I'm so happy the fact the baby did make it because it turned out the baby was 7 months formed she's in the nicu and she is prettty healthy she weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces. The nurse left and someone knocked on the door it was everyone Niall, Louis , Liam , Roxy , Zayn , and Harry..... Niall came rushing over to me and he gave me a gentle but soft hug. After hugs from everyone except Harry who was still standing at the door Roxy came and sat next to me. She rested her head on my shoulder and whispered she's alive A tear rolled down my cheek. I looked at the door and Harry was gone. Zayn took my hand and said that everything would be ok. I want to see my baby. The boys helped me in the wheel chair then we went to the nicu. She laid there smiling she was beautiful but very small. I'm not aloud holding her because she's not healthy enough but in a few months she's aloud to come home. That is if she is at least 7 pounds and healthy. Her due date was December 7th but it's September 4th. My baby is a warrior. I'm aloud to go home today but everyday i'm coming to see my princess. I'm sharing a room with Niall because Roxy is sharing with Liam and there is two beds in Niall's room. We all went to the front desk to sign papers. Liam picked me up and we got to the car. I had to use crutches. We drove to the house and I think Harry hates me. He's not talking to me so im going to find out. I walked to Harry's door and banged on the door. He never answered I had a brace it hurt to walk but I needed to. I opened the door and Harry laid in his bed awake staring at the roof, he finally pulled a blade out but I jumped and took it away. Harry never hurt yourself you can't. Why my life sucks I lost the girl I love. Because you have a baby girl fighting for her life in the hospital , and you should of thought about it before you kissed another girl. I didnt kiss her. What? She kissed me she forced it I tried to pull her off but she was holding to tight. Non of the boys forgave me and they all blame me. if everyone hates me whats worth living?. I couldn't take it any more. I slowly walked over to him then kissed him passionatley. He kissed back....

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