Being a Rebel has consequences.

Roxanne ( roxy) Tomlinson was a goody two shoes she hung out with the good kids and had good grades. Her brother Louis was her best friend, but that changed when Louis left for the X factor. She felt lost she died her natural light brown hair to a bleach blonde with baby blue tips, she pierced her belly button , and made NEW friends. Her new best friend is named Jadelyn ( Jade) Horan. Jade's parents and her get in a fight and send her to live with her brother and his four band mates one of the band mates is Jadelyns brother ( Niall), when Jades parents send her to how will these girls survive?


9. So what does this mean

Harry's p.o.v

she just kissed me so does that mean we're a couple?  I looked her in the eyes and gave her a confused look. Are we a couple again? Yes she said smashing her lips into mine. Well sin we are.. I went onto my knee and pulled out a box. Jadelyn will you marry me? Yes she cried of happiness. I slipped the ring onto her finger. Harry it's beautiful she hugged me. I love you I whispered in her ear. I love you too! She whispered back.  

Jadelyn's p.o.v

My life is in order , I'm getting married to my man , we have a beautiful baby girl named Skylah Marie , she is so precious and today we are visiting her. I changed into my black skinny jeans , a band shirt , and my grey beanie. I slipped my white converse on and then Harry , Niall , Louis , Zayn , Liam , Roxy , and I all got into the car. We drove to the hospital and I walked to the desk. I I'd like to see my baby girl Skylah Marie Styles. Yes follow us but only two people at a time and make sure to change into this and wash your hands plus wear a mask.  I did what she told and Harry and I walked in. Hi baby girl mummy's here were so happy o see you. I picked her fragile body up and gave her a bottle....

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