Being a Rebel has consequences.

Roxanne ( roxy) Tomlinson was a goody two shoes she hung out with the good kids and had good grades. Her brother Louis was her best friend, but that changed when Louis left for the X factor. She felt lost she died her natural light brown hair to a bleach blonde with baby blue tips, she pierced her belly button , and made NEW friends. Her new best friend is named Jadelyn ( Jade) Horan. Jade's parents and her get in a fight and send her to live with her brother and his four band mates one of the band mates is Jadelyns brother ( Niall), when Jades parents send her to how will these girls survive?


19. Gender

~ 2 Months later A.K.A 3 months pregnant~

Jade's p.o.v

Today is the day we find out the gender personally I hope it's a boy but I'm also wishing it's a girl. I'd love them either way. If it's a boy then we are naming him Leo Alexander Tomlinson and If it's a girl then Emilin Jane Tomlinson.  If we do have a girl we would abbreviate Emilin to Emma but if she got in trouble then "Emilin Jane Tomlinson get over here right now!" ..

I changed into yoga pants and a t shirt then we headed into the car. We started driving and we just chatted.  I'm so happy to have a baby with the girl I love. Me to Lou me to I love you to pieces. We pulled into the parking lot, I got out of the car and Lou and I walked in. Hi i'm here for my appointment. Name? Jadelyn Horan, eww your pregnant and 19 whore! Excuse me you bitch I happen to be engaged and I already have a 1 year old so myob. The doctor will be with you in a moment. A few minutes later we were in a room and I was lying on a little booth/bed, Hello Miss.Horan and Mr.Tomlinson are you ready to see the gender? I shook my head frantically. Ok the gender is ........ a girl. ( I couldn't decide so i went online and used a magic meatball). I hugged Lou and he kissed me, I get to have my own blood related daughter and a non blood related but like she is my own daughter!! After our appointment we went home to tell everyone the news!

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