Being a Rebel has consequences.

Roxanne ( roxy) Tomlinson was a goody two shoes she hung out with the good kids and had good grades. Her brother Louis was her best friend, but that changed when Louis left for the X factor. She felt lost she died her natural light brown hair to a bleach blonde with baby blue tips, she pierced her belly button , and made NEW friends. Her new best friend is named Jadelyn ( Jade) Horan. Jade's parents and her get in a fight and send her to live with her brother and his four band mates one of the band mates is Jadelyns brother ( Niall), when Jades parents send her to how will these girls survive?


15. ~6 months later ~

Jadelyn's p.o.v

It's been a long but great six months , Louis and I are a strong couple and I love him, Harry is dating Delilah again , Liam and Roxy are still a great couple and had celebrated their one year anniversary a few weeks ago, Niall met a lovely girl named Samantha, Zayn is dating a very beautiful girl named Perrie ,and today is Skylah's birthday...

Today is princess Skylah's birthday Louis yelled down the hall! He picked Skylah up and put her on his shoulders. Princess Skylah coming through and all you peasants must worship her today. Harry laughed Delilah have been staying with us for about 3 weeks and they are happy together. Sky was dressed in baby blue tights , black flats , a white dress with a baby blue bow wrapped around her waist. I had tied a blue bow headband on her head. Today all of us Harry , Delilah , Roxy , Liam , Niall , Sam , Louis , Skylah , Zayn , Perrie , and I are all going to Nandos for lunch then going to play land to celebrate Sky's birthday. I slipped my jacket and we all headed into the limo ( Hazzas idea) and Skylah sat on Harry's lap. We arrived to Nandos and Lou held Sky. We walked in and got a table for 10 please. We got a booth and Harry pulled up a high chair thing.  I sat next to Louis and Liam, Roxy sat next to Liam and Zayn , Perrie sat next to Skylah and Zayn , Harry sat next to Skylah and Delilah. We all ordered and then we got our food. Harry fed Sky and He said that tonight he'd take care of her tonight. After paying we made it to the play land. After hours of fun we decided to go home, We drove to our house and then Harry put Sky to bed. I walked into Louis and our room he followed me. I locked the door and then pushed Louis on the bed, he smirked. I ripped his shirt off and he ripped mine off. His hand slipped down my torso and then he unbuckled my bra. I un buckled his belt and then took his pants off. He tugged at my jeans then we were both only in our underwear.........

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