Rather Be.

Cali Pacheco wished she could've stayed home instead of attending her younger brother's wedding. The best man just had to be a jerk, adding to her regrets.


2. Chapter Two

Cali's P.O.V.

A week. I had been in that dusty attic with Gemma for a week. We became good friends over the past days, since we both had something in common; the hatred of Mrs. Pierce, Waliyah's mother. Both of us weren't exactly in her standards when it came to clothing choices, adding Gemma's colourful hair to the mix sure didn't make it any easier. 

That's why, my friends, she stuck us in the attic. Still, it made us have a good time, over all. A lot of stairs were broken, which would never get old in the funny department. Just seeing someone's shocked and fearful expression as they fell was priceless, and that wouldn't change. 

On another note, I had learned another thing... Gemma's brother, Harry, was a total jerk. He also happened to be the best man, who seemed a bit less of a jerk at dinner the other night. He just had this thing to him that infuriated me. To everyone's eyes he was an angel, but to me, he was the incarnation of the devil. 

"Are you ready?" I snapped out of my thoughts, looking at the source of the voice. 
"Mom?" I frowned, rubbing my eyes tiredly. "It's nine in the morning." 
"Don't even tell me, you forgot." She pursed her lips angrily, her eyes widening with fury. "Today is rehearsal, idiota." 
"I'm sorry, mamá." I whispered slightly. 
"Now, don't be a disgrace to this family and get dressed!" She scowled. 

My mother was probably the only woman who could make me feel bad about myself. Ever since my father left, when I was thirteen years old and my brother was about ten years old or so, she became strict with us. She always was a bit more with me, and the only reason to that is because I'm the spitting image of my dad. Jet black hair, honey brown eyes and caramel coloured skin. Her and my brother had brown hair, green eyes and slightly lighter skin. 

And I hated it. I hated looking like the man who left my family because of financial problems, but look at us now. I'm soon graduating with medical degree, my brother is almost finished with law school and soon, both of us will be performing our job. 

I quickly dressed in light coloured skinny jeans and black muscle tank top, my bandeau exposed at my sides. I knew I was underdressed and that I'd be judged mentally by everyone, but I didn't have the time to beat myself up with this whole story. I still had three weeks here and all I wished was to go back home. 

I put my worn out Vans on my feet, letting my naturally curly hair flow down my back. I completely forgot about makeup, shit. Oh well, another thing to be judged about. I saw Gemma at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for me. And by her side was the devil himself, Harry Styles, everyone. I wanted to flip him off, but I guess it was kind enough of him to wait. 

"Sorry." I muttered, smiling slightly at Gemma. 
"It's fine, but your mother took your car, so I thought I'd give you a lift." She chuckled. 

In fact, my car wasn't in the huge parking that was the front yard. I sighed softly, rubbing my forehead, desperate. I remember her telling me she flew out here, by plane. But does that give her the right to take my car? Did she take my keys whilst she was in my room? I slowly looked up as Harry opened the door, letting himself out. 

"Hey, you okay?" Gemma murmured, placing her hand on my shoulder. 
"Not really." I felt my bottom lip quiver, shit. "But I'll be fine, let's go!" 

I concentrated to keep myself from letting tears spill all over my face. This day kept getting worse and worse, I don't think this rehearsal will go as planned. I'm the freaking maid of honour, why isn't it Gemma? She's one of Waliyah's best friends, she should be the one walking the isle down with her brother. 

"Gem, why am I the maid of honour?" I groaned, taking a seat in the backseat. "Why aren't you?" 
"Because, it took her enough effort to even get me to be a bridesmaid, her mother hates me too much to let me get the spot light." She laughed. "Why?" 
"I barely know the girl!" I said, sounding extremely exasperated. "I have finals to study for, and they make me come here a month in advance to practise walking down an isle with a jerk." 
"Watch that smart mouth." Harry snapped, giving me a glare from the rear viewer. 

The ride towards the church consisted of Harry and myself bickering, arguing and basically shooting each other down. At one point, he almost unbuckled and tried to come and attack me. I wouldn't be too surprised if he attempted, let's be real here, we only want each other's misery. 

Before we could start fighting UFC style, Gemma pulled up in the parking lot of the rather large church. I hopped out of her rented jeep, landing on my feet successfully. I almost received the devil's door in my face, curtesy of his devilish needs. I flipped him off, smiling sarcastically. 

"What kind of church is that?" I frowned, noticing its humongous ceiling. 
"Greek, Waliyah's mother said it was too beautiful to not celebrate in." Gemma scoffed, opening the door for us three. 
"Is she Greek?" I scrunched my nose up. 
"Nope." Harry answered instead of her, walking ahead of us. 

Is that even legal? Celebrating a Christian marriage in a Greek church? I'm sure Mrs. Pierce got her way of things, though. Like she always does. She was such a manipulating woman, it was nearly scary as my mother's angry state. Nearly. Everyone had already arrived, and our footsteps echoing only made the attention drawn to us. 

"Harry!" Mrs. Pierce grinned, kissing both his cheeks. 
"Mrs. P!" He smiled, his dimples showing. 
"Girls." She nodded at Gemma and I, raising her eyebrows unconvincingly as she took in our clothes. 

I scoffed knowingly, both us of obviously awaiting something new to happen. It's not like she hadn't analyzed us in a displeasing manner before. Please, enlighten your thoughts, Mrs. P. I wanted to punch her in face, but that'd probably result in a punch in the face from my little brother, who I had barely spoken to all week. 

"Cali, may I speak with you?" My brother, Tanner, hissed. 

Without even waiting for an answer, he gripped my elbow, pulling me apart from everyone and guiding the both of us back outside. Please, don't give me a typical mom speech about my clothing choice and how I shouldn't act like a disgrace to our family. I swear, I'm about to cry again. I get emotional when I'm period, you could say. 

"What do you think you're doing?" He raised his eyebrows angrily. "Cali, Waliyah's mother is not very fond of you, why would you push her buttons? What's your problem?" 
"You wanna know what's my problem?" I yelled, feeling the tears well up. "Here's what's my problem! I don't have the money to buy myself expensive clothes, I can barely pay my college courses! I'm sick and tired of having mamá look at me like I'm dad, lecture me how I should be more like you! How I shouldn't act like a disgrace to this family! I'm stressed, Tanner. I have finals coming up and she makes me come here to practise walking down an isle! I don't have time to worry about mom, or looking perfect for your wedding! I can't- I don't-" 

He pulled me in his arms, and that's when I lost it. I started crying like Niagara Falls were escaping my eyes. He shushed me, rubbing my back soothingly. I guess I needed a sibling hug after these five years. He is my little brother, after all, you can't hate him from the heart. I sighed, pulling back. 

"I'm sorry." I wiped the tears off my cheeks. 
"It's fine." He smiled reassuringly. "I shouldn't have been so hard on you. If there's anything on your mind, you know you can talk to me, right?" 
"Of course." I chuckled. "Now let's go back inside, we have a wedding to rehearse." 


Cali's outfit! 

-Buddie :)

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