The Voices

Every day i live a life. I do what other people do. But there are these voices. Voices in my head. They never stop. Why don't they stop? Please. Make them stop.

This is my entry for the competition Who Framed Klaris Cliff. Please like, favourite and comment if you enjoy it.


2. Chapter 2

Hello, my name is Clara. I'm 16. And I'm afraid. There's this voice. Inside my head. It appeared on the 17th April 2014. No one else can hear it. I can hear it so clearly but I look around and everyone else goes on as normal. Everyday it's there and it never goes away. It whispers in my ear as I'm walking down the street or about to fall asleep. Am I a freak? Mad? Alone? Is it all my imagination? Or are monsters real? I know the way I can end it. I have a choice. I can allow it to control me. Let myself wake in the night shaking violently forever. Or I can end it. One jump. It will be gone. 

Saltburn Cliff is what you might call picturesque. Rolling waves and a few houses dotted around that follow the style of a 6 year olds crayon drawings. I sit on the edge and let my feet dangle. The drop below me is perilous yet friendly and I am not frightened by its infinity. Is infinitive freedom not beautiful? A couple of hikers and a family walk past without acknowledging me. I miss people caring. But that stopped a long time ago. I'm ready. I take a deep breath in and......








I turn to my sister.

She's hunched over the edge with silent tears dripping off her cheeks. Tears of true sadness. Of loss. She turns her head up to the sky and again whispers those words that haunt me so frequently.

"Clara? Clara are you there?" 

I have to stop this. I lean in close to her ear and softly I say the words I've been waiting so long to say.

"No matter where you are or how alone you may feel I will always be there. Don't forget me."

She shivers slightly but then smiles. And as I rise towards the next stage of my life I look back as my sister stands and walks away from the edge. I'm gone now and I can't go back. But I hope she can do something for me that I will never be able to do. She can live. 

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