Ariana Horan💕

Ha ha no .
Read it to find out bc I'm lazy ✌️


6. ***

His hands crept up my shirt .

"Niall im a-"

He cut me off

"Me too."He said nervously

I blushed in the dark

I giggled .

This was going to be a bit awkward

"You sure about this ?" He whispered

"Think so ." I said shyly

I kinda liked the drunken-sexually-driven- Niall

[let your dirty little minds do the work , I'm not a smut writer :p]


"Bella wake up ." I heard

My eyes flicked open

I was only in a large t shirt

"We've got like 30 mins before we've gotta leave for the airport it's hours away." Niall murmured

"Okay . Okay." I said getting up and sliding my clothes back on

"Wait .. We .." Niall trailed off nervously

"Yeah. I- ... You.. We... Yeah." I said not being able to complete a sentence

He smiled and kissed me on the cheek .

We got up and went into the kitchen where a exhausted Liam was sitting their with his head on the counter .

"Disgusting human beings ." He mumbled

I looked at the ground

I heard Niall laugh a bit .

An extreme wave of nausea washed over me .

"I think I'm gonna ..." I ran to the bathroom


I couldn't hear him over the sound of my guts pouring out of me .

"A-are you o-okay?" Niall said

"Yeah , I'm fine , just a ...bug ,probably ."

Eleanor popped in through the doorway pushing Niall out of the way .

"Here ,love ." She said handing me what I now know was a pregnancy test .

El walked out and locked the door behind her .

I tested carefully .

I looked down

"Oh my god ." I murmured


Tears fell from my eyes .

I walked out Niall shot me a look of question .

I nodded and fell into his arms .

"It's okay love . I promise it'll be fine ." He cooed in my ear

"We'll all participate in the process ." I heard Liam said slightly more happily

I turned to see all the boys , el , and perrie glaring at me .

I odes my eyes and buried my face in Niall's chest .

I felt him lead me to the couch

"Can you stop gawking at her , she has feelings." I heard niall choke

He was crying too

"Sorry.." They all mumbled together

"Hey .. It could be a good thing ..." I said softly

"Your absolutely right ." He whispered in my ear

"We can all pitch in with ... Everything ..." Zayn said softly

"I get to be an uncle hazza !" Harry yelled

"Aunties and Uncles ." I mumbled happily

This could be better than I thought

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