Ariana Horan💕

Ha ha no .
Read it to find out bc I'm lazy ✌️


1. The "not a date" date

I was sitting in my room , dancing to my favorite music by Alicia Keys .

Curtains wide open .

Dance . Dance . Dance .

I heard a knock on my window .


We had been friends since like , birth , I had no friends beside him , except for my neighbor , Kayleigh , she was like a sister .

"Whale , whale , whale , Neil Horton , what brings you here ?" I said plainly trying not to laugh

"Stop calling me that , and I wanted to ask you something ." He said climbing through the window

"I have a door..." I mumbled sarcastically

"I was wondering ..."

I looked at him and nodded for him to continue .

"well , I'm going to Nandos tonight , wanna come ?" He said kinda blushing .

Blushing? ^~^

"Yeah , sure . What time ." I said pushing my teal dyed hair to one side

"Eh... Seven -ish.." He said scratching the back of his head

"Okay . Sounds cool ." I said cheerfully ^_^

"Well ummmmm... Let's go to the arcade ." He said pulling me .

Before I knew it we were out the window and half way down the street

We finally reached the arcade at the end of the road .

Harry , Liam , Zayn , and Louis were waiting

I waved shyly

I never really talked to them

"That your girl?" Harry said shoving a banana in his mouth

"No Harry , this is , Bella ,my Best friend" he said with a bit of aggravation

"Hi ." I said pushing some teal hair put of my eyes

"She's a stunner ." Zayn said checking me out

I blushed and put my head into the ends oft hoodie sleeves

"Stop." I heard Niall mumble softly

I pulled my hands down

"Shy are we ." Louis said walking around in circles around me

"A bit.." I mumbled softly stepping closer to Niall

"Guys Stop! Don't harass her ." Niall said grabbing my hand

"Oh .. I see ..." Louis said backing away

I just stood there wide eyed

In leaned over to Niall and whispered in his ear

"Meet you at the tree."

And went off running

"Hate to see her go , but love to watch her leave ." I heard Zayn mumble

"perv!" I shouted back as I ran through to the middle of the woods .

A small stream , a tree house , and a picnic table .

"Just like I remember ." I said climbing into the tree house

It had three small rooms

I climbed into the one the was 'mine' and looked out the window

I remember when Niall and I pretended to get married when I was 9.

I laughed at the thought .

"Found you." Niall said with a cheeky smile on his face

"Yuppers." I said sitting criss cross on top of the rug

It was like 6:30

He sat next to me and put his arm around , like usual , nothing weird.

We looked at the lake for a long while .

I could see birds dipping down and getting little bugs

"Summer ." I whispered sighing

"We'd better get going." He said grabbing my hand and dragging at a very fast pace


"That was Delish !" I said as we walked out


I looked at my watch . 8:15 pm

"We'd better hurry , my curfew is nine ." I said

"Okay , I'll walk you home." He said

And with that he grabbed my hand and we started off in the direction of my house

I swayed my arm back and forth at At an awkward pace

"It's really beautiful tonight.." I said swiping a piece if long teal hair out of my face with my free hand

I could've sworn I heard him mumbled something along the lines of

'Not as beautiful as...'

But I didn't catch the last part

Soon we were at my driveway

"Night Niall ." I said kissing him on the cheek and walking up the driveway

Eh .. I do that sometimes ^~^

"Night ." He said while blushing a bit

"Come on!" I said running back and grabbing his arm

It was time for one of our famous sleepovers.

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