Ariana Horan💕

Ha ha no .
Read it to find out bc I'm lazy ✌️


3. The camera goes "click"

Click click click .

Click click click

I opened my eyes to see my younger sister taking pictures

Click click click

"Anna!" I groaned

I must've fallen asleep on Niall shoulder or something.

I opened my eyes

"If you post this-"

"Already done!" She shrieked

I stood up

"You die now , Anna." I said grabbing a pillow

I slammed it into her

She giggled

"You suck..." I mumbled

"Niall ... Your girlfriend is a cranky one ." My sister said in a sing song tone

"ANNA!" I screamed hitting her in the face with the pillow again

"You know it's true .." She whispered in my ear and then running upstairs

I scoffed

"What's wrong with you ." Niall said groggily

"Sister problems ." I mumbled

I went into the kitchen and sat on the counter .

I scrolled through my Instagram feed

Pictures Anna took . Argh

I commented

"@niallhoran :p"

Scroll scroll scroll

What the ...

A picture of that Niall took when WE were playing 7 minutes in heaven .

What is this suppose to MEAN?!?

"N-Niall ..." I said quietly

"What?" He said walking

"This ..." I said almost in a shocked tone

He glanced at my phone .

Before I could say another thing his lips were smashed against my

This time more passionate .

I wrapped my arms around his neck

We were brought out of it by a gagging noise

"YOU ARE DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS" Anna yelped before pulling me by the arm upstairs

"What the heck Anna ..." She said pushing me onto the bed

"I-it just happened ... I don't know ..." I said looking down

"I knew he loved you . He put your head on his last night as I was coming in and pretended to be asleep." She said smirking

"But ...but..." I was cut off

"But nothing . Your in love with each other

"Im going to get him ." She said running down stairs before I had a chance to protest

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