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2. Party?

"I've got to call me mum !" He yelped as I pulled him inside

"My mum isn't here . Working all week ." I said sitting on the couch

My dad had died before I was born , I never knew him , but it was still a rough topic

"Aye , mum , I'm sleeping at Bella's . " he said

Then he hung up

"We're having a party . Call up your mates ." I said pulling out my phone .

He nodded


People filled the room in herds

I blasted the music and got out SMALL portions of alcohol.

Don't want any drunk fools ^_^

"Ello Love ." Louis said wrapping an arm around me

I pushed him off

"Your all pervs ." I said squinting at him and walking into my living room .

"Bella ! Come here were playing 7 minutes in heaven !" Niall shouted motioning me over

{a/n idk if it's 7mins or secs , I've only played once *~*}

"Ugh , fine .." I mumbled

"I'm drawing names ." I heard Zayn say

We were all blindfolded

"I hate this game.." I heard an unfamiliar voice mumble from somewhere across from me

Before I knew it I was hoisted up and pushed into the closet

I knew not to speak

I hand was placed behind my head and I was pulled into a warm kiss .

It was nice .

Fairly passionate .

Sweet , soft , delicate lips pressing up against mine .

"Times UP! " I heard Zayn yell

The person in front of me was hoisted out first .

Red converse sneakers , remember that Bella .

Then me .

I was pushed back into my seat.

"SECOND ROUND." I heard Zayn yell

I heard the closet door shut .

"Times up!" Zayn yelled after a while

"3rd and final round ." Zayn mumbled

The closet door shut

I heard a couple giggles

"Bella , your not going to beli-" said a girly voice that was cut off by Zayn

"Perrie ! Shut up!"

"Don't have to be so pushy , Zayn , god." I heard her say

"Times up!" He yelled

"Sit , sit ... So we can unblindfold them .."

He said

"Remove the blindfolds!" He said

I took mine off and fixed my hair that it had matted up

"Hope you enjoyed your 7 minutes in heaven ." He said bowing and walking away

I turned to my left to see Niall's smirking face

"You go in?" I said

He nodded smiling wide

"You know who it was."

"Pretty good idea ..." He said shrugging and letting the smirk drop from his face

I shrugged

I walked over to the kitchen and poured myself some soda

I don't usually drink

I looked over to Niall who's feet were propped up on my coffee table

And his shoes were all-

Wait a second ...

He was wearing Red converses

Does that mean ..

He and I?

Me and him?

I had to tell him

But wait...

He said he knew

And he was smirking oh my god they rigged it

"Shit." I mumbled to myself

I walked over to Niall

"Really...?" I said sternly

"What ?" He said confused

"I know you rigged the game so you could kiss me ." I said angrily

"I THOUGHT I KISS ELLIE!" He said standing up

Ellie had been his awkward middle-school crush

"Zayn , you lying bastard." He said marching over to him

"It was a prank , man ." He slurred

"He's drunk ." Perrie said struggling to hold him upright

Niall turned to me

"Ehh.. Sorry , Bella." He said

"It's fine . It wasn't your fault ." I said shrugging

I ran to the top stair balcony above the living room.

My house was relatively big so it had that stuff


Everyone fled except for the laughing Niall at the bottom of the stairs


"And done!" I said picking up the last piece of trash

"Finally." He said wiping his brow

"I'm in the mood for movies."

I said plopping on the couch and putting Monsters University in the player.

He sat next to me

Before I knew it I was in a deep sleep


Niall loved that movie

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