Ariana Horan💕

Ha ha no .
Read it to find out bc I'm lazy ✌️


5. Leaving

I went upstairs and put all my good things into my suitcase

I figured I wouldn't come back.

"W-Where are you going?" I heard a slight voice mumble

"Tour .. With Niall ." I said sadly

"Oh . Be safe . Text me EVERY NIGHT! I love you." She said wrapping me in a tight embrace

"Okay , Anna , I love you too ."

She gave me a slight wave

I could see the tears in her eyes

"I'll be back soon ." I mouthed

She nodded and walked out the door.

I heard the door shut.

I went to the bathroom and gathered all my hair supplies and beauty things also my toothbrush and the necessities etc.

I heard footsteps .

"Niall?" I said faintly

"Yeah , love?" He said coming in

"Making sure it was you." I said tensely

I picked up all my stuff and carried it to his trunk .

I sat in the passenger seat .

A long tour ahead of us .


"Well well well , fessed up did you ?" Liam said chuckling

"I guess you could say that ..." I said softly

"Such a shy one ." I heard Zayn mumble

Niall put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer .

We were now at Harry's flat , leaving tomorrow for Paris .

Harry motioned us over to the hallway that lead back to the rooms

We got up and walked over.

"You don't mind sleeping together do you?" He said

Niall glared at me questionably

"It's fine ." I said smiling

Niall smiled too .

"Okay ... Nothing special after 10 , I'm not listening to that." Harry said

"Shut up, Harry ." Niall said pushing him out

"Alright , alright , Irish warrior man calm ." Harry said laughing

I sat my bag down next to the bed.

I flicked on the tv and Sat on the bed next to Niall .

I turned of the lamp .

I felt a cold hand slide up my thigh

For the love of god , they gave him alcohol

When Niall get alcohol in his system he get very ... Sexual

It's always been that way .

"Niall, " I whispered

"How much did you have to drink ?"

"Drank some Harry slipped me before he left us . Little more I had in me bag." He said drowsily

I was tempted .

Very tempted .

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