Ariana Horan💕

Ha ha no .
Read it to find out bc I'm lazy ✌️


4. Confessions.

"Confess you love sick idiots ." She said pushing Niall next to me

"Fine .." Niall looking at the ground

"I guess I've liked you for a while ... There I said it , Anna , now can you leave me alone." He said Still looking at the ground

"Not until She confesses too." She said smirking

"I like you too ." I said looking down

"Really ?" He said a bit shocked

I nodded barely lifting my head

"There , now you solve that part on you own . Out!" She said pushing us out into the hallway

"Well you , Bella ." Niall mumbled

I just stared at the ground

"I love you too Niall ." I said hugging him

I felt him blush .

"So is it official ..?" He said a bit shyly

"I guess so ." I said smiling

"Well I've got to break the news to the boys , or else ..they'll .. You know ." He said

I nodded a bit scared of what he meant .

"Oh ... Bella ... I want you to come on tour with my band .. One direction ."

" the best band ever !" I thought

I loved their music and the way they all sang .

Everything about them was just beautiful in the eye of fame .

"Of course !" I nodded happily

"Okay , be back soon !" He said rushing out the door

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