Fred and Hermione

magicaly Fred comes back to lid\fe then the marige law comes and he marries Hermione.


6. the wedding days


yesterday was Percy's wedding and today was George's wedding I'm his best man. I can't wait for tomorrow it will be Hermione's and my wedding on the 4th of June it is the last of the weddings.

Hermione's POV

I'm helping Angelina with her makeup while Ginny dose her hair. Luna is just floating around in a way only Luna can and Amber is helping out side my parents came this morning that love Fred more then I do.


I woke up at 5am this morning and I fond Fred in the kitchen we went for a walk "Hermione you know it is bad luck for us to see one another on our wedding day" Fred said  "I know but I don't care I can't wait for it to start..." he kissed me to make me shut up, and I did. once Ginny woke up she told me I needed to get my hair and makeup done before I put my dress on once I was dressed I had to wait. then Angelina and Ginny went down the row and then I went said my vows which were the normal vows Fred had made his vows "Hermione the day I died I made a vow to my self  that I would marry you before I died again and her I am marry you I love you mione" they made me cry then he kissed me and every one got excited after that we did the dancing and stuff and that was that.


I said my vow I have had for for 3 years and now we are laying out side together on the grass watch the stars "Mione I love you" i said " I know Fred  I love you to." then we  fell asleep after mum bright us out a blacket.

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