Fred and Hermione

magicaly Fred comes back to lid\fe then the marige law comes and he marries Hermione.


8. The twins


"Fred?" Hermione said "Yes Mione?" I said "we need to find our own home." she said "were would we move Diagon ally?" I asked "I was more thinking Godric Hollow" she said "as long as it has a fire place we can move there, George and I want to open a joke shop there anyway." I said then I said bye and kissed her cheek.

Hermione's POV

I'm going to Godric Hollow to visit Harry and Ginny in there New/Old home (it was the home Harry lived in when his parents died) "hi Mione how have been?" Harry asked as soon as he opened the door "Harry let her in" it was Ginny I went to the living room and Ginny made tea "so how is Fred Mione?" Harry asked "he is good. we were thinking that we shod move here to Godric Hollow he and George want to open a joke shop here." I said "really wow Mione. have you heard from Ron and Luna?" he asked "no i have not why?" I asked then Ginny walked in "because they are having a baby." Ginny answered "wow really." I said.


the next morning

when I woke up I heard mum in the kitchen, making breakfast. Hermione and I sleep together now so she woke up when I moved. "Fred what time is it?" she asked sleepy, "it is 10 O'clock honey" I said kissing her "oh no I slept in!" she said "no you didn't the house tour is at 1 O'clock so you still have lots of time" I said then she got up and went down stairs for breakfast. after that we got dressed and flooed over to Harry's house the first house was much to small, the second was to big but the third was just right, a big kitchen, 4 bed rooms, a big living room, a huge yard, and across the street from Harry's place.

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