Fred and Hermione

magicaly Fred comes back to lid\fe then the marige law comes and he marries Hermione.


10. the prank part 1


well I have been married to Mione for 14 months and I have not polled one prank one her so what shod I do? I could do the old bucket of water no much to simple, hmmmm, I know a polyjuice potion with my hair in it, George and I have some made at the shop "Mione I need to go get some thing from the shop!" I yelled "okay but be back by Dinner" she said and I flooed over to the shop "hi George do we have any polyjuice?" I asked "um yes Fred, why?" he asked with a some what evil grin "for a prank on Mione, for the 14 months we have be married I have not done one prank." I said "oh I see mate who's hair are you using?" he asked "my own, how do I get her to drink it she knows what it looks like and smells like." I said "well my deer brother you being my twin must also have a very nice looking and smelling polyjuice." George said with a very wide grin "oh and can ang and I come over tonight you could give her the potion at dinner ang will not be happy but it has been to long since our last prank." he said "of course you may come over. I know bring some firewiskie all in there own bottles use your hair so she will drink it with out knowing the look or smell.

Hermione's POV

I can't believe Fred he had said he needed something from the shop and came home with news of George and ang are coming over for dinner I only fear the look Fred had when he came home, a evil grin I have not seen since he was at Hogwarts. I know there is trouble brewing for dinner.

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