Fred and Hermione

magicaly Fred comes back to lid\fe then the marige law comes and he marries Hermione.


13. Nymthadora and Remus are born


Hermione's POV

Fred and I were just watching our muggl3 e T.V.  when I felt a pain were the babies were, that was 5 hours ago and right now I was in ST munngos waiting for the babies to come, I had been here for 4 hours and the babies were about to be born "Mione I love you." Fred whispered in my ear then he kissed my cheek.


Hermione was about to give birth to our kids we were about to meet our kids, before we left home I told Harry and Ginny to owl the rest of the family and now the whole family was here.

1hour latter FRED'S POV

Hermione just had the twins Nymthadora has Brown hair and Remus has red hair, they both have blue eyes.

"Mione can Angelina and George come in?" I asked Mione  "of course Fred" she said back. "wow Freddie he looks just like me, except he has two ears." George said holding Remus "of course he dose Google you and Fred are identical twins so he would look like you." Mione said

Hermione's POV

I was so happy to finally see my kids Nymthadora has my hair and Fred's eyes and Remus looks just like his dad.

after about  4 hours after I had the babies a old friend came… Vikter Krum " hello Hermione and Fred" he said when he came in "hello Vikter how have you been?" I asked "good how about you?" he asked "good now these two are out of me." I said pointing to Remus and Nymthadora "hi" I heard Fred growl "Fred be nice" I snapped "okay Mione." he said "Hermione why did you marry this bloke?" Vikter asked "Vikter I married Fred.because I love him..." then I stopped because Fred punched Vikter right on the nose and Vikter pulled out his wand "stupify!" Fred yelled and Vikter went stife and fell to the flour and a nurse came in and took Vikter out "Fred why did you do that?!?" I yelled "he was insulting your judge meant Mione!" Fred yelled at me, and left.

a little latter my mum and dad came in "hi Mione" they said in unison "hi mum hi dad" I said and mum took Remus and dad took Nymthadora and we talked for about an hour.

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