Fred and Hermione

magicaly Fred comes back to lid\fe then the marige law comes and he marries Hermione.


1. Life and Death


All I remember is Percy told a joke and I was laughing, then everything went black and I could not breath, now I'm in the Great Hall and all my family is crying George was smiling and crying looking at me, Ginny crying in Harry's arms, dad was hugging mum while she cried I heard this "Is...Fred...awake...yet...George?" was all I got then I said "Yes mum he is awake." me sounding like George mum thought it was him, but Ginny came over and hugged me so hard so did Ron Bill Percy Charlie and George, mum just looked at me like I was a ghost. "guys what is going on why are all you hugging me?!?!" I had to yell this because they were crying so loud, then Percy said this "I'm sorry Fred it is my fault." "WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!??!" I yelled everyone stopped hugging me and backed away a little, everyone except George that is. " Fred you were dead but after Harry Killed Voldemort a heeler came and did a spell on your heart and now your alive."

it was on so much to take in. "how did I die?" I asked as calm as I could. Percy answered " I moved just in time but you were laughing at my joke and you did not move so a wall fell on you and you were dead."

after that we went to Gryffindor dormitories and I could not sleep and I made a vow that I marry Hermione no matter what. and after I told George this and this is what he said, "Freddie you are crazy, oh and I love you Freddie.

Hermione's POV

It was all so scary Fred was dead then he was being hugged by his brothers and his sister I don't know what to think. then I went down the row to see who had died, I was shocked when I saw Lupin and Tonks, they had a son, poor little Teddy. I could not walk on so I went to bed with everyone Ginny and I slept in the same bed she was shaking with fear, I was still scared to.


when I woke up I heard George "Fred wake up mum and dad want to see you." "were are they?" I asked "in the common room with Ron, Percy, Bill, Charlie, Ginny, Harry, and Hermione." he said. once I walked down Harry, and Hermione came to hug me. "good morning everyone" I said then mum ran up to me and made sure I was okay "Fred honey you need to go to st munngos." she said "why mum I'm alright I feel so much better" I said.

after we went to st munngos we went to the berrow mum said she wanted me home for a few days I guess dieing is a big deal and coming back to life is a bigger one. Hermione, and Harry. had come with us Hermione was leaving in a week to find her parents and restore there memory then bring them home Harry was now living with us.

Hermione's POV

today I say goodbye to the weasley's for now I  that I would be back then left once I fond my parents I showed them pictures of me when I was young then did a spell so they remembered me and there life I told them we were on vacation and that we were about to go home. once home I took them to there house and went to visit Harry and Ron.

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