Fred and Hermione

magicaly Fred comes back to lid\fe then the marige law comes and he marries Hermione.


4. Late night broom ride.


once I got home I told George every thing (all the kids were staying at the burrow) then George  went to sleep but I couldn't sleep so I grabbed my BROOM and went out for a ride after a hour I went inside to  find Mione and Ginny in the kitchen I went to kiss Mione on the cheek when mum came in "your going to be a grate husband Fred she said 
"mum doing up?" I asked "heard a broom out side and I wanted to see who it was it must have been you Freddie because you have your broom why we're you at side at 1 O'clock in the morning?" she asked "because I could not sleep so I got my broom for a night ride." I said "oh and you two girls why are you up?"she asked Hermione and Ginny "because we could not sleep so we came down for some tea"Ginny said "you two made tea may I have a cup oh and get Fred a cup to he look very cold." mum said

after mum went back to bed I went to bed again with a surprise George was up with a extendable ear he was listening to everything that was going on in the kitchen "hi Fred want a ear" and he tossed me a ear. I put it on and listened to Ginny and Hermione, "Hermione when are you getting married anyway?" Ginny ask "two weeks from Monday." then I put the ear away, so did George, he looked at me "Fred do you know you were getting married in two weeks?" George asked "no I did not mum must know or it would not be that soon." I answered 

Hermione's POV

when I awoke the next day I ran in to Ron he did not look happy at all "what did lavender say last night Ron?" I asked trying not to make him madder for he was dating we the last year. " not good Mione she said no, so I'm going to ask Luna today. how was last night with Fred?"he asked "it was very good he gave me this" I held out my left hand for him to see my ring "wow Mione that looks muggle made" he said "it is he went to London last week and gave it to me last night"I said "cool well I have to go to the lovegoods place bye Mione" he said

I went to the living room to find Angelina "hi ang how have you been? I asked "good you, and who are you with Ron?" she answered and made me blush a little "no I'm marry Fred" I said "well opposite attract."she said "What do you mean?" I asked "well you really like rules and Fred likes to break rules, and you read all the time and he reads about once a year." she said this for some reason mad me mad but luckily George came in "hi ang hi Mione" he said "how was your trip ang the port key work alright?" George asked "yep it worked prefect" she answered

we all went dress shopping once Luna came home with Ron I got a beautiful dress with a long tail it went down to my feet Ginny is my bridesmaid so is Angelina since Fred wants a bright wedding I picked out two pretty dresses of the color light red and some bright yellow shoes for them I got light pink shoes.

then we went to the Leakey Calderon to get some butter beer. then we went home Fred kept asking to see my dress but I said no I just told the colours and he was very happy to hear that Ginny and Angelina were wearing Gryffindor colours. his best man was George.

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