Fred and Hermione

magicaly Fred comes back to lid\fe then the marige law comes and he marries Hermione.


12. bad idea


After Angelina and I yelled at the boys I went over to Ginny's,
"Hi George what can I help you with?" Harry asked me "Harry it's Mione Fred and George but polyjuice in my drink and it had George's hair in it and I wondered of I could spend the night." I said in my voice  "of course Mione come on in." Harry said I went in and Ginny came in "who was at the door Harry?" Ginny asked "Hermione."Harry answered then I walked in  "Harry I think that's George" Ginny said "no Ginny the twins gave me polyjuice potion with George's hair in it." I said again voice "how could they I will send a owl to mum." Ginny said "Honey I don't think they will care if we tell your parents." Harry said.

after talking for about a hour we all went to bed.


Hermione got way to upset abut the polyjuice potion Angelina would not let George go home so George stayed over at our own home, this way we can find a place for a new shop. "Fred I think that we shod not have done that she was really angry, I hope they don't tell mum she will floo right over and yell at us" George said "George we are 22 years old mum will not come over to my house to yell at us" I said.

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