Beatrice loves online gaming. Her new game has a chat room where she talks to some guy who just wants to meet. One day she is in a library playing the game and is talking to the guy when she hears typing on the computer opposite her. She gets up and looks over at him, it's Niall, talking to her...


7. You can come!

It didn't take long to get to their place, but when we did we were greeted by 3 other 'Verry nice boys' 

"Niall! Harry!" they shouted then they saw me 

" Who on earth are you?!?" Louis asked 

" nice to meet you too" I laughed 

"She's Beatrice..Beat37" Niall said as we walked inside. We sat on the sofa quietly. Awkwardly. Then I had an idea, to call Haleigh, unlike me she is not socially awkward.

"Hey guys, should we call my friend Haleigh and see what she thinks?!?" I laughed they all nodded and gathered around my phone

(B- Beatrice H-Haleigh N-Niall Harry-Harry) 

H: Hello what do you want? 

B: I found out who Ni101 Is! He was in the library 

H: who is it? C'mon spill the beans 

B: Niall Horan 

H: Haha yeah sure

B: seriously, I can prove it! Niall take the phone

N: Hello! Haleigh...umm *whispers* What do I say beat? 

Harry: You can come round! I will pick you up! Bye! 

Harry hung up. He grabbed his coat and keys

"Beat, where am I going to?" he asked 

" 15 Shakespeare Grove " I answered as he walked out 

We sat back down on the sofa but this time we talked... They seemed cool, that's the problem. Me and Haleigh were not cool I was labelled as the freak and she well isn't uncool its just she is obsessed with one direction... There was nothing I could do apart from sit back and watch the madness...

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