Beatrice loves online gaming. Her new game has a chat room where she talks to some guy who just wants to meet. One day she is in a library playing the game and is talking to the guy when she hears typing on the computer opposite her. She gets up and looks over at him, it's Niall, talking to her...


6. Very nice boys

Niall Horan. I didn't believe it. Yet it was him in the flesh, I had only seen him once when I took Annabelle to a concert last year. 

"Ni101?" I was still astonished. He looked at me and smiled, I admit that he was pretty good looking but I shook it off. 

"Yeah" both of us seemed unable to say more than one word. Then his phone went off, I stood there awkwardly as he talked, eventually he hung up 

" I have to go" He said, he grabbed his coat and walked outside, not exactly the love story I was looking forward to, he walked out the library. I was alone, I sighed and got ready to go home when he came back in

"Why don't you come to my place?" Niall asked 

" I would love to" I smiled running up to him,  we linked arms and started to walk. 

"So I am Niall Horan..by your reaction I guess you already knew, what is your name?" He asked

" Beatrice Robbins, Beat is my nickname" 

"That name is beautiful. Beatrice." My cheeks were burning. We got to a small black car, the window went down and Harrys head popped out. 

"Get in...wait who is she?" he asked looking at me.

" Beatrice...you know Beat37"Niall answered 

"ohhhh her!" Harry smiled before Niall whacked him

We all got in and the car set off, I decided to call my mother

(B=Beatrice, M=Mother) 

B: Hey mum! I made some friends at the library I am going to their place 

M: That's great hun! Who are they? 

B:Harry and Niall 

M: BOYS! Alright Beat, They better be nice boys

M: Good! 

Then I hung up. 

"Thanks Harry!" I laughed

" no problem Beats" he smirked 





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