Beatrice loves online gaming. Her new game has a chat room where she talks to some guy who just wants to meet. One day she is in a library playing the game and is talking to the guy when she hears typing on the computer opposite her. She gets up and looks over at him, it's Niall, talking to her...


5. Library?

Finally the wait was over, the school day had ended and Me and Haleigh were in my room logging onto Adventure Quest.

Ni101: Hello! 

Beat37: Hey, how are you? 

I was typing fast, he was too because he replied within an instant. 

Ni101: I am good, just really tired. How are you? ;) 

Beat37: SO MUCH HOMEWORK! Hahahahaha 

That's when my Mother shouted

" Beatrice! Get off that computer! Why don't you go to the library and read? It's good for you, Haleigh your mother called she wants you back home" 

Haleigh made her way downstairs...I had an idea

Ni101: Haha poor you! 

Beat37: Okay, so my mum is telling me I have to go to the library so I will talk to you on the library computer

Ni101: Ok! I am on a computer at my library...great minds think alike! 

Beat37: Speak in 5 mins. 

I went down the stairs and ran out the house and through the streets to the library, which was only 'round the corner from my house, but I am not a fast runner. I opened the big blue double doors, the warm air 'Whooshed' into my cold numb face. I walked in and up to the free computer, there were only two computers opposite eachother on a small wooden desk. 

As usual I logged into my account and went on the chat room 


Ni101: Hello, you okay? 

Beat37: Its too warm in here haha

Ni101: Haha sooooooo....

I heard the computer opposite me typing, at the same time Ni101 was, I think it's him, I can't see his face the computer was in the way

Beat37: 34 golden avenue, The little blue library. That's where I am...are you opposite me? Without saying anything Put both your hands in the air. 

He did it. It was him...Thats when he stood up 


I knew who it was straight away..


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