Beatrice loves online gaming. Her new game has a chat room where she talks to some guy who just wants to meet. One day she is in a library playing the game and is talking to the guy when she hears typing on the computer opposite her. She gets up and looks over at him, it's Niall, talking to her...


4. Day dreaming

I walked into class, Mr Night stared me in the eye.

"Miss Robbins, late again? What's your excuse today?" Everyone stared at me 

" Sorry Sir, I was stuck in traffic" I said taking my seat, he grunted knowing he couldn't give me a detention this time. 

He started the lesson, it seemed to go on forever. I got bored and started writing not paying attention to Mr Night or my Paper......

"Beatrice, perhaps you would like to answer the question" He knew I wasn't paying attention, everyone smiled I guess they knew too.

"Beatrice I will say it again. What continent is Portugal in?" I didn't know I thought for a long time 

"Urgh, is it Europe?" Sir grunted 

"Yes. Well done Miss Robbins" he turned his back to the class and I looked at my paper. It had Ni101 written all over it. All I could think was 'Who is he?' Maybe a tall handsome guy or mysterious and dark, or like a jock, or...My mind wondered until I was bought back to life by the bell. I picked up my bag and headed off to P.E

Once I was in my kit, all of the girls started to play dodgeball as Miss Hawks was off sick and we had a strange woman who just sat down playing a game on her phone. I looked at the clock 12:45 still ages to go before 4:30... I was so exited, finally another chat with Ni101. He was sweet,funny and caring. My mind drifted off again 

'SMACK' a ball had hit me in the face 

"Shizers! I am so sorry Beatrice!" Athena said taking me down to the school nurse. The nurse gave me an ice pack and by the time I felt better it was time for lunch anyway. 

"Good gracious! Beat, honestly. Why weren't you paying attention!?!"Haleigh ran up to me 

"Ni101" I answered, she sighed 

" Stop daydreaming and get back to reality Beat" 


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