Beatrice loves online gaming. Her new game has a chat room where she talks to some guy who just wants to meet. One day she is in a library playing the game and is talking to the guy when she hears typing on the computer opposite her. She gets up and looks over at him, it's Niall, talking to her...


8. A lot of tears

Haleigh arrived with Harry, she sat on the arm of the sofa."So how are you?" Zayn asked her breaking the silence

" well, I,am, errrmmm,good...now" She stuttered,  I couldn't help but burst into hysterics 

"What!?!" Haleigh growled 

"Well,i,am, errrmmm,good...Now, Haha" I mimicked her as she hit me hard on the shoulder pushing me off the arm of the sofa and onto the floor, everyone was dying of laughter. I laughed too but I was holding back cries of pain, my foot and ankle felt like it had been smashed. Once everyone had calmed down I tried to get up off of the floor. 

"Eiggh, eiggh" I cried as I put weight on my foot

" Are you okay Beat, do you need to go to A&E? " Niall pulled me up and sat me on the sofa

" I'll be fine" I smiled. 

Later on, despite my begging not to, we found our selves watching sinister . I didn't want to so I decided to 'Fall Asleep' but I actually ended up asleep.

" AGGGGHHHHHH!" Haleigh screamed in my face waking me up and making me squeal and cry a little.

"For goodness sake Haleigh! You made her cry, are you okay Beat?" Niall Hugged me tight ,more as a joke but it made me feel better all the same. 

But my fun day had to be ruined by a phone call from my school headmaster..

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