The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


9. Chapter 9

Florence pov; 

I walked Harry into the house to find Noelle sitting on the couch watching Dora. "Sweetheart there is something I want you to meet." She looked at me and then Harry and started to giggle. 

"He's curly like mee." She was trying not to fan girl I could see it she was trying so hard aw. 

"Yes you have curls like mine." Harry smiled and sat next to her she climbed onto his lap and flashed a smile showing off her dimples just like Harry does. 

"You look funny." Trust her to say that but by all means say anything you like Noelle bad I don't mind.

Harry pov; 

Having Noelle on my lap was all I could ever wish for she was perfect she just looked like Florence with her hair but she had my eyes and when she smiled she just looked like me. I felt so guilty for her I mean growing up without her dad nobody would like that but I know Florence has done a good job. 

"You look funny." And she is just like Florence I smiled and pulled a funny face she seemed to laugh and then she did something I wasn't expecting she hugged me right there she was the most adorable thing in the world. 

"I like Hurry mummy he's curly." Noelle looked at Florence and smiled.

"I'm glad you like him sweetheart, why don't you get to know him more while mummy goes and talks to Grandma." Noelle nodded and then faced me.

"Do you know my mummy?" Looking into Noelle eyes you could see she was happy and hyper child I laughed remembering all the memories with Florence mostly bad but some good. 

"In fact I do no your mummy we have new each other for ages." She looked into my eyes and smiled but all that went and sadness took over.

"Do you know who my daddy is Hurry?." It honestly broke my heart a tear slipped her eyes she wanted her daddy I couldn't tell her. "Why did my daddy leave me was I not good enough did I do something wrong." I could feel my eyes water oh my god.

"No your daddy loves you very much and no you did nothing wrong baby girl it was all daddy fault he made a silly mistake you are perfect though." She giggled and looked at me a bit of happiness taken over. 

"Will you be my new daddy Hurry?" She battered her eyes lashes and looked at me with puppy eyes god what am I going to say I sighed.

"Of course baby girl." She smiled and hugged me putting her head into my shoulder.

"I love you." My heart was beating fast I don't think I have ever loved something or someone so much knowing I have her in my life makes me complete I just have to get Florence back.

"I love you too." I did the only thing she has never had I started to sing 'Little Things'.

Florence pov;

I watched the hole conversation and I was crying Noelle and Harry already had a strong bond and when she said that she thought she did something wrong to not have a father broke my heart. Me and my mother were standing listening on him singing to her. 

"He will be a good father Florence?" My mother was in tears to we are a mess. 

"Do you think he said he had changed." My mother smiled at me.

"Of course he has changed do you remember the old him that prick would go no where near her never mind sing." I smiled I knew she was right the only question I could think of was what happens now?.


Does anyone have any suggestion's where you would like too see more of Harry and Florence or with someone else I'm open for anything. I also need Liam to have a girl friend so please comment (The name you would like to be called/eyes color/what kind of hair you would like) This won't be the only one I ask for people's to be in the book as the book goes on I will ask for more people.  

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