The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


7. Chapter 7

Florence pov; 

"No he's not." Niall and Liam were wide eyed and it scared me like shit how can they just guess. 

"Miss Florence Noelle was wondering if she could come back in as she missed you." Oh yeah she missed me more like she just wants to sit and be with Liam and Niall I nodded my head and she came running in with a cookie and sat on my lap. 

"Hey there Noelle." Niall baby voiced her and she cringed go on I allow you to say something bad to him.

"Niall I'm not a baby I'm nearly 3 don't talk like that." I burst out laughing and so did Liam Niall looked at Noelle and nodded his head oh I love my daughter sometimes. 

"Harry is the father isn't he?" I can't believe I was going to admit this but its time I start living and not being afraid Liam said he changed right I took a deep breath and nodded my head. "Why didn't you tell him Flows." 

"I couldn't okay the last time I was with him he slapped me across the face and called me nothing I couldn't tell him I was afraid he would hurt her." Everyone looked at Noelle and she was just sitting there thinking -what-is-going-on. "You knew how hard it was I had no friends I was scared of yous you know why I had every right not to tell you." I think Liam understood me because he nodded his head. 

"Would you tell Harry now I mean he does have the right to know and I know you leave soon." I took a deep breath and looked at Noelle sharing her would be hard I don't know what to do I don't want her in the spot light all the time she would love it but I couldn't just watch her and be followed everywhere. 

"But I don't know you are all famous now it changes everything really?" Liam nodded his head and I looked at Niall he seemed to be thinking about something.

"What if we told Harry and then you met up private so nobody else would know?" Niall must have been thinking of a plan I took a deep breath and turned to Noelle.

"Would you like to meet your daddy baby girl?" She looked blind folded.

"I have a daddy but mummy I thought I just had you?" A tear fell down my face and she wiped it away I really do have a brave daughter. 

"I want to meet daddy?" Her eyes looked happy so I nodded to Niall this was going to be a hard time. 

"Right so we will go back now talk to Harry and then we will arrange something?" I nodded my head and they got up to leave.

"Bye Liam." Noelle yelled before the door shut she started to giggle.

"do you like Liam or something?" She blushed and I knew the answer aw. "Would you like to go to the garden and pick flowers." She nodded her head and off we went. 

Liam pov ;

As soon as we arrived home we had questions from the lads asking where we had been this is going to be so hard to tell Harry dear god. "Harry can I talk to you for um a minuet you know in private?" He seemed to look confused but nodded his head I got a smile off Niall which made me feel better as soon as me and harry was alone shit. 

"Harry I have important news to tell you but you may want to sit down first." He just sat on the kitchen bench how the fuck was I going to say this. 

"Florence is back." His eyes widened I don't really think he was expecting that one.

"What when where is she?" He was about to get off the bench when I touch he shoulder he sat back down and waited for this gad dam hard news.

"Well Niall bumped into her today and he told me when he came home so we went to see her at her old house but then we found out more news Harry Florence left for a reason." He looked at me to say -keep-going-come-on oh this was the hard part.

"Harry your a dad." 

Harry pov;

"Harry your a dad." Nice joke Liam now the lads will come out and laugh at me.

"Liam this isn't funny at all?" He shuck his head and my eyes went wide and mouth feel open he wasn't joking fuck how did this happen eh.

"How did it happen I mean I'm confused." Liam seemed to sigh I bet he's been through hell as well. 

"Do you remember the party when you slept with her well then she got pregnant, she left because she was scared and she left because she didn't want you hurting the baby you know your last time together wasn't the best but she decided she will let you see her?." This was to much information at once I was angry and sad and confused and everything. 

"I'm going for a walk." I jumped off the bench but I knew I wasn't going for a walk oh no I was going to see this Florence of mine. Liam sighed and let me go I quickly ran out the house and into the car my anger boiling in me.   

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