The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


5. Chapter 5

Niall pov; 

I was just in forever 21 buying my mum a birthday present when I saw a little girl wondering around looking sad. Once I walked up to her she looked like someone I knew someone I had not seen in a while when I tapped her on the shoulders she turned around and looked scared. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you what's your name love?" She seemed to stare me down unsure to speak or not.

"I'm Noelle." Her voice was so sweet she looked to cute when I saw her eyes Jesus they looked like Harry's she had the exact same. "Wait I know you." Oh well this is odd. "You sing that song me and my mummy dance to it all the time." Her smiled was bright dimples showing and everything god she was adorable. 

"ah I see your a fan of One Direction come on we will go find your mummy?" I picked her up and see seemed to be comfortable with me thank god she didn't run away because any one would love this little girl. 

"Mummy mummy I'm here." I saw a girl in front of me Noelle was shouting at her she quickly shot around she seemed to stare at me.

"Um thank you for finding my daughter." It wasn't long because she quickly took the girl from my arms and walked off wait.

"WAIT WAIT." I ran after her it couldn't be her we have looked all over for this girl. She seemed to turn around slowly I seen her face again and I knew who she was. "FLORENCE." she looked like she was panicking

"No I'm sorry my name is not Florence." Noelle seemed to look at her like she was confused.

"Yes it is mummy your real name is Florence Bow." I smirked thank you for this child because I have finally found her.

Florence pov;

I was going to kill Noelle when we got home because I can't believe she just said that I gave her the look to say I'm-going-to-kill-you she seemed to hid her head in my shoulder then I noticed he has saw her shit fuck. "Niall what do you want?" 

"Florence you don't no what we have been through to find you we have been looking for you for 2 years oh my god the boys what would they say." Shit fuck no Niall your cannot tell them I was going light headed. 

"Niall please I don't want Harry knowing I'm found I don't want to see them I didn't even want to see you coming here was a mistake." And with that I walked of with Noelle in my arms.

"Mummy who was that?" Stupid Niall now he has Noelle confused oh I hope he is not following me I quickly got into my car and drove to my parents house.

Niall pov; 

As soon as she ran I knew I had to tell the boys I had seen her and they were all at Louis so that is where I am going but I wonder why Noelle the little girl called her mummy was she a mother that was fast I mean it has only been 2 years. As soon as I reached the house I ran into the door to find all the boys eyes on me. "Niall whats up mate." Liam looked concerned oh do I really want to get them all worried no I can't tell them. 

"There was half price off Nando's your should have been there." They all looked at me like I was stupid it was all I could think off. I had to go see Florence I don't care if she sends me away I won't be going but I knew I needed to tell one of the boys one I could trust not to tell any of the other which was Liam yes I knew I could trust him. "Liam I need to talk to you in private?" He nodded his head and got up I walked outside the door and waited soon he came.

"what's up mate?" how the hell was I going to say this.

"I seen Florence today." It came out to fast he face said it all he looked shocked.

"Wait what?" 

"I seen Florence today she looked scared to see me Liam she is here for a holiday we have to go see her now before it's too late." I didn't really want to tell him about Noelle that would get him even more confused I guess he will find out when he meets her. 

"Right come on we have to go and talk to her." Before I could even say my answer he dragged me to his car what was going to happen?

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