The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


2. Chapter 2

Florence pov;

"What have you done mother?" I was trying to keep my self relaxed because honestly I wanted to shout I had to take a breath.

"Well Me and your father have booked you tickets for you to fly tomorrow night we sent details to your butler she has the tickets so get packing darling." I was stunned she really must want to meet Noelle I let out a sigh of relief I thought she was going to say 'we told Harry' I nearly freaked yes my parents know the father but they swore that they wouldn't tell him look at me going off subject.

"Ok mum if we fly out and come see you will you promise to stop bugging me and Noelle all the time?" I heard her squeal that might be where Noelle gets it from ah makes seance now.

"Thank you thank you thank you aw I love you Florence everyone will be so happy to see you." She hung up on me after that well thanks mum nice to talk to you to the funny thing is when they found out about my pregnancy they didn't like the idea at all but when they seen photos I guess they started to like the Idea well I hope.

"Are you alright Miss Bow." I nodded my head and smiled at Jane she was so nice she was like Claire in a bit of a way kind and you could trust her she gave me a smile and handed me two plain tickets for me and Noelle for tomorrow.

"Thank you." She seemed to look at me strangely oh what did I do.

"Is everything alright Miss you look down?" She knew everything from bullies and Harry I  got Claire to tell her everything before she left I sighed and took a seat.

"I'm just scared you know." She smiled and took the seat next to me.

"There is no need to be scared Florence I'm sure everything will turn out perfect." She patted my shoulder aw she could be so nice.

"It's just you know what if I bump into Harry or he finds out and gets I don't know angry I couldn't live with myself." She seemed to give me a small smile while I sat crying I needed this out before I left.

"Florence you don't even know if he is the same boy anymore Flow he will be 20 he will have grown up you haven't heard from him have you he is probably living somewhere different in the world you never know." As I was about to reply I heard rather loud music coming from upstairs and it could only be one little person.

"I will be back down in two minuets." She nodded her head I quickly dashed upstairs to Noelle room and found her dance to a song that I'm guessing a boy band sing because she was squealing. 

"Mummy let's dance." Eh what the heck  I started to dance with Noelle when one of the boys solos I'm guessing came on but the voice sounded so familiar.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else,

the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell."

Why does that voice sound so so like I've heard it before. "Noelle who is this?" She just shrugged her shoulder I decided to leave it probably just my brain being odd it's been a long day. "Noelle time for bed we are going to England tomorrow to see Granddad and Grandma?" She quickly jumped up and ran to bed what an idiot. "Good night sweetheart love you." 

"Love you to mummy."



"Miss today is a busy day I suggest you get a move on you have packing to do." Oh shit now I remember I have to go see my parents I was quite excited I'm not going to lie. "Noelle is still asleep she said she didn't want to get up so we let her sleep." What Noelle wants to sleep god she is normally up at about 6am I guess as she grows she gets more and more like me. 

"I guess I better get a move on them." She smiled and nodded so I began.

Today went to fast I had far to much to do so the time just flew it was now time to say goodbye to hot weather and go to cold. "Mummy can I go wait in the car?" I nodded my head and she went running off my butterfly's were going mad.

"You will be alright the house will be the same when you return and remember he will have changed Florence you probably won't see him anyways he will be too busy." I knew she was right and that I shouldn't be bothered but for some reason it did and I didn't like it.

"Aw I'm going to miss you but goodbye for now." I hugged her and walked to the car right I was actually doing this right now. 

"Mummy I can't wait I just don't like cold." As soon as I told Noelle about it being cold in England her face went upside down oh I think I slightly made her unhappy for her when I told her but it was a funny moment. 

"I know sweetheart but we have packed warm clothes." She nodded her head she honestly couldn't even sit still for a second. 

Once we arrived at the air port I took Noelle hand in mine and went up to the front desk and gave the lady are tickets. "Ah I seen you have a jet of your own that will be taken you there if you would follow that man their he will lead you to your destination." I cannot believe my mother got a jet I would have been find traveling like a normal person but trust them to do that. The mad lead us to the jet and as soon as we got onto it Noelle started to jump around.

"Hey Mummy look sweeties." Oh no she cannot be eating them before I could say no she had stuffed them into her mouth I groaned this was going to be a long trip.     



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