The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


16. Chapter 16

Florence POV;

I couldn't believe it what do I say, I looked at Noelle and she gave me the look to say -say-yes-idiot I sometimes wonder if she is my daughter. "Harry I um YESS." I jumped up and tackled him to the floor you could say I was excited. 

"Oh thank god I thought you were going to leave me hanging!", I rolled my eyes he jumped up and put the ring on my figure it was so pretty I wonder how much it cost.

"Does this mean you be together for ever?", we looked at Noelle and nodded she smiled and jumped up we sat there for a couple of minuets capturing this moment.  


Florence POV;

Today is the day what I've been planning for and I'm so freaking nervous what if I screw my words up. Suddenly the door came bursting open "God wedding day and your still in bed." I've been staying at my mothers for the past 2 days to make it more exciting honestly it sucked not seeing Harry. "Come on lets get the bride to be ready. Have you done your vows? do you remember them?" , It was question after bloody question.

"You know if we keep talking we are going to be late?", she smiled and clapped her hands and everyone came in Jesus she could be the queen. In that moment I had people doing my face and hair great. After everything was on it was time for the dress and let me tell you my stomach was going mad. 

"Hey mommy look, I look like a princess." Noelle twirled in her dress she looked adorable. "Oh and are you nearly ready because we going to be late?", I nodded my head and she ran off but not before my mother shouted, 'get that dress dirty and you will be dead' Noelle looked scared but my mother was being serious. 

We slipped the dress over my head and zipped me up I looked at my mother when I was all ready and she was crying oh god. "Oh I remember when you were a child, now your getting married", I rolled my eyes and she glared at me. "Brides don't roll their eyes." I nodded my head "You ready sweetheart its time to goo." I looked at my mother and took a deep breath before nodding my head this was it. 

Once we reached the church I couldn't breath my dad was standing next to me trying to relax me. "It's okay sweetheart everything is perfect and if not I'd make sure it was?", Its funny to think I'm marrying my bully but I couldn't be more happy if someone told me that when I was in school I would of give them the mouth. "You ready baby girl?" I smiled and nodded my head as the door opened I put my head down this is by the far scarier than giving birth. I looked up too see Harry smiling at me and I knew in that moment my life was perfect. As soon as I reached Harry he took my hand and smiled at me. Let's get this wedding started. 

"We are all here today to join together Mr Styles and Miss Bows if anyone has any objection of why this couple shouldn't please say now or forever hold it in." ( I have no Idea what they say so I'm guessing). No body objected well that's one thing taken of my shoulders as the priest went on it was now time for the vows what I can't freaking remember. "Mr Styles your vows please." Harry looked into my eyes.

"Florence Bows, it was so hard thinking of what to say because no words could describe my feeling towards you. All those years ago when we didn't like each other I hated it but I never showed you what you meant to me because I was stupid, but now here we are becoming husband and wife with a beautiful daughter we may not have the best and most perfect relationship but from this day on I promise to love and protect you for as long as we both shall live." I was crying each word was perfect and I can't even remember my dam vows. 

"Miss Bows your vows please?," I looked at the priest and smiled well now or never.

"Harry Edward Styles, If someone were to say when we were teenagers that you will be marrying Harry I would have thought they were crazy mad even. But hear we are crazy in love, I honestly never thought we would be here but we are and I love you with all my heart I can't wait to grow old and have children with you well more children, I used to hate you but now my heart would break if you left me I promise to stay by your side through bad and good and to keep you smiling." I looked at him he was smiling from ear to ear go Florence for not remember your vows we both looked at the priest.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride", Before I could even move Harry kissed me with so much passion and in that moment I knew my life was perfect.


3 years later -

Harry and I are happily married still with Noah and Noelle, we had a baby boy once we had fun on are wedding night, Noelle loved it and everyone is happy with their life. It's true when they say you can live happily ever after.  


So Thank you for reading this book I honestly loved writing it I have no Idea what to write about next but Idea's would be good. I know the ending wasn't the best but it was so hard thinking but thank you for reading and I love you all for reading my books. X

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