The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


15. Chapter 15

Florence POV;

Black that is all I could see I was struggling to get out it was pulling me down. Suddenly I saw a light is this it am I going to die? I started to feel cold I couldn't feel my body pain shot through me, I felt like screaming but I couldn't.  

Harry POV;

"Mr Styles are you ready?", I couldn't believe this was it she was now gone nothing could happen what am I going too do?. "Mr Styles?." I nodded my head and looked at Noelle she looked at me sad in her eyes.

"Can I say goodbye to mummy?" This hit her the most the doctor looked at her and nodded. She got up on her feet and jumped onto the bed being careful she looked at Florence and put her hand on top of hers. "I just want to let you no, I won't forget you mommy I love you millions your my one and only. Daddy will look after me now I love you don't forget me." Seeing her say them words I broke down. 

"Are you ready?", Noelle came and sat on my knee and looked into my eyes.

"I love you daddy." I cuddled her knowing I had to keep her safe she was the only thing I had now and I was not going to let her get hurt. She had already lost her mother well was about too. I looked at the doctor and nodded he walked over to the switch what kept the love of my life alive. I grabbed Florence's hand still cold why must it happen to her?. The doctor looked  at me but then I heard a heart beat pick up and it got faster and faster. My head shot up to see Florence looking around the room confused she looked drained, my eyes were wide they landed on mine and she looked confused then looked at the little girl in my arms and frowned.

"Ah Miss Florence you are a lucky one, Mr Styles I'm very sorry for this inconveniences I will let you have some time with Miss Bow when I have checked her over would you mind leaving." I looked at Noelle and her eyes were filled with happiness. I quickly got up knowing the faster I got out the quicker he would be done. 

Florence POV;

Once I hit the bright light I found I could see I was in a white room with a boy and a girl sitting in front of my bed but not just any boy Harry Styles. Once he had left I looked at the doctor. "Why was in Harry in my room?" The doctor looked scared but then it hit me forgiving Harry,showing him Noelle and moving in and most of all the car crash I suddenly felt dizzy the doctor came rushing over.

"Miss Bow I advice you to rest for now you hit your head hard." I looked at him I just wanted Harry and my baby girl.

"Can I see Noelle and Harry?" , He nodded and left the room not even 1 second after Noelle came running into the room and jumped on me it hurt but I didn't care.

"Mommy don't scare me like that again, I thought I was going to lose you your my best friend!", I smiled her smile was ear to ear she looked so happy to see me then I remember Harry telling that she hadn't been eating. She did look skinnier she knew I wasn't please when she looking in my eyes. 

"Noelle even if I'm not around you have daddy, you need something to eat sweetheart." Just as I was about to say something else Harry came in with food my mouth went dry oh food. 

"I thought you would be hungry." He came over and hugged me. "I'm so glad your here you don't know how hard it was too not have you hear with me your the love of my life okay don't leave me and Noelle." I smiled and kissed Harry passionately god I've missed this. 

"eww just cause your here doing mean you eat each other." I looked at Noelle to see she had chocolate all around her mouth she smiled at me. "Look I'm a chocolate monster." she started to bounce up and down leave it to Noelle to make this situation better I grabbed the food and stuffed it into my mouth I don't care what I look like I'm hungry.

3 days Later-

"Miss Bows you can now leave." I looked at Noelle and Harry Noelle smiled.

"Yey I don't like this place it smells funny." Harry whispered something into her ear and she looked at the doctor and said 'sorry' I smiled what an idiot. 

"Come on sweetheart lets go while mummy gets ready." I smiled then they left peace which didn't last long because I was up and ready in 5 minuets, lets just say I'm a tad bit excited to get out of here. I walked out he door to see Noelle and Harry sitting on the seats I smiled. "You ready to get back home?", I smiled and nodded we sighed out and made are way to the car I looked at it and froze. "I promise nothing will happen, trust me baby!." I smiled and got into the passenger side shacking. 

Once we reached home yes me and Harry lived together if I didn't tell you. I jumped onto the sofa finally I can relax Noelle ran to her room and Harry came and sat next to me. "I couldn't imagine this place being home if you weren't here", I gave him a smile and sat up.

"Good job I'm here then isn't it." I smiled and kissed him which then he deepened Harry put me down genitally on the sofa and got on top me but not for long someone cleared there throat."Yes my love what do you want." She looked at me and Harry she looked scared to ask she put her head down Harry walked over and picked her up once she was sat between us she smiled.

"I want a brother or and sister?" , Her question took me and Harry off guard she looked at us happiness in her eyes. My words wouldn't come out so Harry took over.

"Kitten we would but I'd half to do this first", Suddenly Harry got up and got down on one knee right in front of me my eyes went wide. "Florence Bows we haven't had the best friend ship but I've always loved you I may not have showed it first, but I know you are my one and only while you were in hospital I realized I've never loved anyone more than I love you I adore you so will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs Styles?"  I was lost for words..

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