The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


11. Chapter 11

I'm very sorry I've had exams and everything you couldn't even imagine what it has been like:) heres the next chapter has sexual thing in.

Florence pov;

It's been 5 days Harry has been over everyday and tonight is the party he invited me to I was so scared to leave Noelle all alone for the first time but she seemed happy with my mother. I sighed right now I was getting ready being away for Noelle is going to be different I was dragged out of my thoughts when someone knocked on my door. 

"Florence are you decent? can I come in?" Its was my mother and shouted a 'yes' and she walked in with a smile on her face. "Come on Florence stop stressing and get ready I have a surprise?" I laughed at her.

"When do you not have a surprise for me?" I smiled and she handed me a box it was quite big. I opened the box to see a tight red dress that looked like it went up my bum I frowned I cannot wear this dress. "lighten up Florence your young now wear this dress now?" She was not going to leave me alone so I nodded and she left. Well lets get ready.

Once I had been in the shower and done my hair and make-up I slipped the dress on and I did not look like myself it was so weird. It was like a different girl standing in front of me I smiled lets just have fun. I left my room to say goodnight to Noelle before Harry came and picked me up. I walked down the stairs and my father eyes went wide oh shit.

"Well my dear you look um..." He didn't even finished he walked off I felt like laughing I walked to the living room to see my mother reading to Noelle once Noelle saw me she look at me wide-eyed. 

"Mummy is that you?" Oh bless her I nodded my head and she looked at my mother. "You look lovely but that dress I can see your bum." She giggled I blushed red and tried to pull the dress down.

"I think you look hot." I wonder who this women is sometime she's more like a friend than a mother Noelle frowned.

"HOT." Noelle shouted and I burst out laughing at her confusing I walked over and kissed her goodnight before walking outside to see Harry waiting in his car. 

"Hi." I didn't even no what to say he took his eyes off his phone and looked at me he looked me up and down with his eyes wide.

"Fuck." I rolled my eyes.

"Is that all you can say dick face come on let's go." He smiled oh I hate this dick head he walked around to his side god he is such a gentleman doesn't even open a door for a girl. 

As soon as we reached the club I could smell the alcohol. "Boys are already here with their girlfriends." I was so nervous what if they don't like me. Harry walked up to the line and got in straight away he dragged me to a table where everyone was I smiled at all of them. The 3 girls got up and one of them hugged me. 

"Hi I'm Alison Liam's girlfriend." She smiled see seemed nice she has bright blue eyes and caramel kind of hair but the stupid light couldn't let me see her. Another girl approached me.

"Hi I'm Eleanor Louis girlfriend it's so nice to meet you." Eleanor seemed really nice she was beautiful something I wasn't we were in the same dress but hers was black she looked at me up and down and smiled. "Nice dress." She winked at me and then went back to Louis and the last girl walked up to me smiling big.

"Hey I'm Bella Zayn girlfriend." I could see why Zayn liked her she looked different from everyone else like she keeps to herself I smiled and said 'hi' back before sitting down on the table. 

"Come on girls lets leave these boring people and get drunk." Now I liked the sound of that I was so board and Eleanor just saved me.

"Hey you can't leave me baby I won't let you." Louis grabbed her and she laughed before removing his hands he pouted she dragged me and the other girls to the bar.

3 hours later - 

Yes so now I'm very drunk me and the girl have gotten to know each other and everything they all seem nice I have learnt that Alison is a dancer and she's very bendy they are all really pretty and really nice but now I needed to get home this should be fun. 

I walked across the dance floor to the exit but I was grabbed by someone with a strong grip I squealed it hurt like fuck. "What's a pretty girl like you doing all alone come on baby let's go back to mine and have some fun?" I wanted to knee him in the balls but someone punched him so he fell on the floor I was shocked but I didn't really get what was going on. 

"Come on Florence baby where going home." Harry was just as drunk as me and me not knowing what the hell was going on went with him. As soon as we reached his car he backed me up my back hitting the car with him pushed against me. "Florence you have no Idea how much I want you right now do you feel that." He moved his crotch to my thigh I gasp. "That is what you do to me baby lets goo." I was so excited for some reason. 

As me and Harry were driving back to his flat the car was all over he shouldn't even be drinking at all I decided to tease his so I moved closer kissing his jaw line he tensed. "Baby please I'm trying to drive you will get punished?" This gave me a type of electricity through my body.

"Hit me with your best shot." I started to laugh oh dear as soon as we reached his house he dragged me out of the car and straight into the bedroom.

Straight away my dress and bra were off as soon as he lye me down on the bed. His mouth went straight to my nipples as he licked and sucked. With one hand, he tugged my panties down. He rubbed my clit vigorously, and I clamped my legs shut. Harry stopped touching me and took off his clothes. He hovered over me immediately after and was about to slide in when he grabbed my hips and flipped us over. 

"I wanna see you Florence", he said breathlessly.

I sank down onto his cock and we both moaned out. Harry's hands went to my hips as he helped me move in circles.

"Faster", was all he could get out.

I swiveled my hips faster and pushed on his chest with my hands. He spanked me a few times, and I started bouncing on him. I was going incredibly fast to where Harry's eyes were screwed shut and his lips were parted. 

"Baby, sl-slow down", he stammered.

"I thought you wanted it fast." I leaned down and licked his ear. He moaned loudly and that only caused me to go faster. All too quickly, Harry flipped us back over so now he was on top. He slammed into me with force causing me to throw my head back.

"Fuck! Harry!" Everything felt so good.

He reached his hand down and rubbed my clit in circles, causing me to come undone.

"Fuck, Florence you're so hot." He breathed against my lips.

He pulled out and straddled me, his cock near my face.


I opened my mouth to Harry shoved all of himself in it. The head hit the back of my throat and I moaned, causing Harry to pull out. I sucked on the head and licked the slip. Some cum started to come out so I put him back in my moth about half way. I hallowed my cheeks and moaned again. He came in four hot spurts. I tried to swallowing all of it but some leaked out of the side of my mouth. Harry wiped it up with his thumb and slid it past my lips. He pulled it out and kissed me hard. When he pulled away, there was a smirk on his face I was far to tired to listen to what he had to say so I rolled over and pulled the covers over my body a couple of seconds after Harry's arm was placed around my hip.  

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