The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


10. Chapter 10

Florence pov;

It's been one week since Harry met Noelle and they have bonded well but today is the day we tell her that Harry is actually her daddy. She already says that he is but I wonder what she will do when she actually knows who he is. I've seen more of the boys but I refuse to talk to Louis we don't actually know what to say around each other its just awkward but they have all changed I do no that. Right now I'm waiting for Harry at my parents house to break the news to Noelle. 

"Noelle wait in the living room please while I go get the door." She smiled and ran to the sofa as fast as her legs could go aw. I walked over and opened the door and to my guess curly was at the door he seemed to look me up and down ew.

"Eyes are up here Harry now come on." I swayed my hips just teasing him for looking me up and down I could feel eyes burning into my back haha. "Noelle Harry is here." We walked into the living room and her smile was bright.

"Hey Hurry." She has been trying so hard to say his name probably but she just can't say it right we sat down so we were in front of her. "Have I done something wrong?" She looked worried probably because I never sit her down might be that. 

"Honey we have something to tell you?." She nodded her head confused so here it goes I nudged Harry for him to say whatever he wanted. 

"Sweetheart do you no how you call me daddy Harry and you don't have a daddy because he went away." You could see the sadness in her eyes when we talked about that she didn't like it at all. Harry took a deep breath. "Well Noelle I am your real Daddy." She looked at Harry like he was mad and then her face changed to confused and then shit angry uh oh Harry you have done it. 

"You left me Daddy." She was crying Harry was crying I nearly cried her voice was broken Harry tried to pick her up but she wouldn't let him. "Why did you leave me daddy do you not love me." her lip was trembling I opened my arms I couldn't just watch her break down because of him. 

"shh just relax Noelle its okay daddy didn't know about you its mummy fault." She cried into my shoulder hearing daddy come out my mouth just felt weird.

"so daddy does love me?" I looked at Harry his face I couldn't read he was looking at me and Noelle then he did something I did not expect. He wrapped his arms around the both us whispering that he loves us Noelle seemed to relax hearing his voice while me wanted to shout at him. 

"Noelle can you forgive me?" She looked up at him and smiled softly she nodded and jumped off my lap and onto his hugging him tight. 

"Mommy look now I have a daddy and we can be a family." Yes I was afraid you would say that Noelle I wanted to tell her but I didn't want to break her happiness she looked so happy I just could't.

Harry pov;

Hearing Noelle say that she had a family made my heart melt she could have a family I just need Florence for that and it's not going to be easy I tell you that. "Hey baby girl can you leave me and mummy to talk for a bit." She nodded her head and walked off I don't think I have ever been so happy. "Florence I know that it was hard but we have done it she knows now I just want you to forgive me so me and the lads are going out on Friday would you like to come. I bet you haven't been out in ages please." She seemed to think for a minuet then she nodded her head and I smiled and hugged her but then I remembered what she said and I let go. 

"I'm glad you remembered." I smiled.

"Can I go put Noelle to bed please." God never mind I was acting like a child she laughed that's the first time I have seen her laughing in ages she nodded her head and I walked off to go find my daughter.  

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