The boys 2

2 years poor Florence has been away protecting her daughter Noelle giving her the life she needed. Florence's parents have always wanted to meet Noelle with everyone else what happens when she visits will her world come crashing down. What will happen? What will be discovered?
And most of all will Harry find out.


1. Chapter 1

Florence pov; 

There is not a moment in my life that I regret coming to America leaving was probably the best decision ever made. It's been 2 years two years I've spent with a girl that is my world my everything and I would do anything to keep her from harm and Harry. I gave birth to Noelle December 5th the happiest day of my entire life I gave her an odd name but that was only because I have one to. The bad side is she looks a lot like Harry every time you look into her eyes it give me pain sometimes guilt I was lucky she didn't get his brown curls I know I sound so selfish but I was so glad she got blonde hair just like mine its still curly just blonde.

Claire has been a massive help but she left and went back to England when I had given birth her last words she said was. "When she gets older don't forget to bring her back home?" I never really understood that I mean why would I want to go home me and Noelle had a perfect life right here but my parents and Miles have always wanted to meet her I do miss them Miles the most I know right. But I'm not that immature 18 year old now I'm 20 and more grown up. 

"Mummy Mummy?" Noelle pulled me out of my thought she was standing there with her stuffed bunny rabbit I had got her.

"Honey I told you not to wake your mother up?" Oh that's Jane she is my new Butler if you call it she is nothing compared to Miles but she is kind and very lovely. I smiled at her.

"Its alright I was awake anyways." She smiled and walked out the door to god knows where. "Hello baby girl how are you?" I hated speaking in a baby voice but I had to Noelle cringed oh she was just like me hated the sound.

"Mummy why are you speaking stupid?" She began to giggle normally I would tell her off but I will let it slip I think she knew because she covered her mouth with her hand wide eyed I couldn't help but just laugh at her. 

"Come on sweet heart time for breakfast." Before I could grab her she was already off I would never understand that girl she always eats anything you give her she reminds me off Niall but never mind that thought. Once I reached the table Jane handed me my breakfast and the post that comes every morning. As I was drinking orange juice I came across a letter that had my full name on it well that's odd. 

"Hi Daring,

Everybody was wondering when do we get to meet Noelle it has been 2 years daring I think you should come home not to stay but for a holiday.We really do miss you as do the staff and everyone else we really want to meet this bundle of joy that makes you so happy every time we talk on the phone about her. Please think about it Florence it has been 2 years and I haven't seen my grand-daughter call me if you would like to arrange a visit.

love you mum."

I nearly spat my orange juice out she wants me to go meet her what maybe Noelle would like to meet my parents hmm I will half to think it could be a risk taking her back I will have to call my mother tonight. "Noelle when you have finished we are going shopping so hurry up!" She squealed and oh my god that went right through me. I shuck my head and walked up stairs to get ready. 

"Mummy come on I want to go shopping." Trust Noelle to be the one telling me to hurry up I nodded my head and rolled my eyes she can be so much like Harry god Florence stop thinking about that prick. 

As soon as we reached the mall I took Noelle for something to eat. Once we had are food in front off us she just slapped it all in her mouth you know for a 2 year old girl you wouldn't think she had a big mouth here it goes. "Honey would you like to meet grandma and granddad?" She looked at me confused oh god.

"I have one of them. Oh my god yes mummy can we go please please please please please." she kept saying please ahh. 

"Yes Noelle we can now shut up." She even pretended to be hurt I swear this isn't even my daughter. 

Once we reached home and I could see it I let out a sigh of relief this girl kills me she nearly bought the full freaking Disney shop I know I could buy it for her but it's not the point I won't have her become some spoil brat. "Thankk you mummy for my toyys." She can be so kind and genital she came and sat on my lap she sounded tired so I let her sleep.

"Miss Bow your mother is on the phone?" As if I hadn't had a hard enough day already she rings me up. "I can take Noelle if you want?" I nodded my head and walked up to the phone ready for a long conversation with this women.

"Hello?" I was so worried she never calls me I was about to call her tonight so I might as well let her know now.

"Oh Florence your home I thought I would miss you so did you get my letter?" She sounded so excited I wonder why.

"Um yeah I did mum look." Before I could even get my sentence out she jump to conclusion like always.

"Honey I know what your answer is going to be but please I just want to see my grand daughter I know I'm begging but don't kill me when I tell you this?." What the fuck did she do suddenly loads of questions came rushing across my head.

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