Dear Diary...

I've tried writing down in a journal before. But they would always read through it. So I thought that I could share it with you, seeing as you don't know me I'd feel a lot better. You can't see me. This isn't a fake story made up from my imagination; this is my life. My feelings. Just things I need to get out.


1. About me.

My name is Bridget. I'm from Connecticut. That would be me up there^^. I'm just here to talk about me. My life. Because I can't go to anyone. I can't trust anyone. I found out the hard way people don't care; they're just curious. And I have a fear of the people I know judging me and hating me. But you don't know me, so that fear just disappears. Your probably wondering why I would put my life on the internet. Well, I've tried writing in journals; like my parents would tell me to do. But it didn't work. You want to know why? Because they would read through it, and yell at me for writing my feelings down. Even though they're the ones who told me to do it.

I was always that girl in school that the "popular" girls wanted to be friends with. Well, they wanted me to think that. One time I had to work with two of them in group, they kept asking and asking and asking who I had a crush on. I didn't tell them, of course. But they just wanted to know things about me. Like said before; people don't care. They're just curious.

I'm bisexual. And I have absolutely no problem with anyone knowing that. Just because I didn't tell my parents because I don't think it's a big deal, I'm apparently trying to hide it. I don't talk to my parents about anything. I'm pretty sure my mom knows I have a girlfriend; I mean it's kind of obvious we always send each other cute little things in the mail. She lives in South Carolina. She moved last August because her mom was going to get married to this guy who lived down there. But they ended up breaking up and he moved back up to Connecticut with his mom. And she's not coming back because her mom likes it down there.

I got in trouble in school last year. I got suspended for the rest of the year. but it was fine since there was only a few months left of school. I went to tutoring. I got in trouble because those two girls I mentioned earlier and another one of their friends, told the teachers I tried to stab them, my ex-boyfriend, and his new girlfriend. It was them three, my friend, and me in the hallway. I was looking for a pen, but I wasn't looking in my locker. I was looking at my friend. We were talking about the boy she liked. I grabbed something, thinking it was my pen. I pulled it out and the three girls started screaming. I realized it was my pocket knife; which I always carried around. I hung out on the bad side of my town, my friend Jason didn't want me getting hurt so he had given it to me for protection in case anything was to happen. But I quickly put it back in my locker and they ran off screaming their heads off and filled the teachers heads with lies.

I'm currently on probation, I get off in March. Until then, I have to do anything my probation officer tells me. The judge told me that he basically owns me. Those were her words exactly. So everyone at school has labeled me the psycho bitch who tried to kill everyone. This year they put me in all the smaller classes because I was emotionally unstable with all those people in the regular classes. Which is better for me. All last week I didn't go to school. I couldn't take being in that place. I missed Kaitlynn, my girlfriend, too much. Lately; everything has been reminding me of her. So I pretended to be sick and I stayed home and cried all day.

So basically, I have problems. But who doesn't? If you don't want to hear about it, then don't read this. Wouldn't effect me. But don't go bitching in the comments. I'm not here to please you. I'm simply here to write my feelings. Whether people read this or not; I'm getting my feeling out and that's all that matters to me.

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