2. 2

Bella's POV

~~~~~~~~3 months later~~~~~~~~~~~

I opened my eyes, the light stung. My body was imprinted on the bed. Cold of the room hurt my skin.

"OH! Mrs.Love your awake!" Said the nurse shocked.

Am I suppose to talk back?

I opened my aching mouth trying to make sounds, "I.. Um... He..ll..o?"

"It's alright Mrs.Love you will have to go practice your talking for a while. But everything will be alright I assure you!" She continued, "Let's go for a walk, why don't we?"

I looked down to my feet and wiggled my toes. Who's love? And who is she?

"W-where are you gonna t-take me?" I asked.

"Were just gonna take a walk around the hospital. I will have you answer a few questions," the nurse said opening the door.

I moved both my feet off my bed And walked put the door. As she went on talking I looked around. I touched the walls as I walked. Everything looked so cool. It looked real. I remembered some dreams I had, before I had woken up. I remembered feeling a heart beat. I remembered falling a sleep.

"Mrs. love? Hello?" The nurse interrupted my thoughts.

"Huh?" I was obviously confused.

"Do you remember anything?" She repeated, "Of how you got into the hospital? Who you are? Remember who you've dated?"

She led me into a new room with a bed, there was paper on the bed. she patted on it, motioning me to sit. So I did.

"No ma'am, I don't," I answered.

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